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My Son ruins, Vietnam -- a historical day trip from Hoi An
26 Aug 2016

My Son Ruins, Vietnam: Take a Tour or Do It Yourself?

“My Son Tour” signs are scattered all over Hoi An, but what are they actually advertising? Thankfully, it isn’t a sightseeing trip around Hoi An with the travel agent’s son. Instead it’s an incredibly cheap tour to My Son (pronounced Me Sun), a collection of  ancient Cham ruins 40 km from downtown Hoi An. Should

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22 Aug 2016

A Trip to Kalpa, A Scenic Village in the Indian Himalayas

“I see a mountain in my way It’s looming larger by the day I see a darkness in my fate I’ll drive my car without the brakes” That was a quote from the song “Mountain at My Gates” by Foals, and it kind of sums up my time in Kalpa

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18 Aug 2016

Backpacking in Morocco: Costs, Tips and Places to See

From the orange sands of the Sahara to the blue streets of Chefchaouen, Morocco is a country full of colour, history and style. The two and a half weeks I spent backpacking in Morocco is one of my all time travel highlights. Here’s a quick look at the places Gia and I visited in

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13 Aug 2016

Ancient Erotica: The Sexually Explicit Temples in Khajuraho, India

They say the devil is in the details. Hardcore Christians are probably going to have to perform a self-exorcism after viewing the graphic images in this post. The temples in Khajuraho are adorned with carvings depicting people, for want of a better word, shagging. This isn’t your every day, missionary

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10 Aug 2016

Introducing Orchha, a Small Town Full of Ruins, Temples and Palaces in India

Unless you’re researching a trip to India (or you’re from there), you probably haven’t heard of Orchha. This small town in Madhya Pradesh, around five hours from Agra, features an array of historic wonders, including palaces, temples and mysterious riverside chhatris. Seeing the Chhatris at Sunset The huge, temple-esque chhatris

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08 Aug 2016

Things to Do in Singapore: The Ultimate, Best, Most Awesome Guide

Don’t you hate it when ultimate guides turn out to be not so ultimate? I hope to avoid that fate with this list of things to do in Singapore — surely my two years as an expat in the Lion City makes me something of an authority. Does it deserve to be

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