A monkey in Kaohsiung, Taiwan - on Monkey Mountain
06 Dec 2013

Seeing my First Wild Monkeys in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

It had always been a dream of mine to see wild monkeys, but after six months living in Taiwan I was yet to lay eyes on one and I was getting restless. To me, seeing a monkey in the wild was a sign I’d finally ended up somewhere exotic, a

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Tips for a first time English Teacher
04 Dec 2013

10 Tips For a First Time English Teacher in Asia

Are you a first time English teacher in Asia (or are you planning to be)? Check out these tips to make the transition that little bit easier! Make a good first impression The first impression I made in Taiwan was not a strong one. The day after training, the new

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A sunrise at Dieng Plateau, a great stop off during a week in Java, Indonesia
28 Nov 2013

Volcanoes and Temples: A week in Java, Indonesia

Jogjakarta (Yogyakarta): The first stop during my week in Java Jogjakarta, or Jogja for short, is a city with a lot going for it. Sure, you have the noise, grimness and seemingly endless urban sprawl of any other Indonesian city, but the area where most travellers stay is a maze

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A typical street in a Singapore suburb - street 32 in Tampines
25 Nov 2013

Tampines: Life in a Singapore Suburb

I can almost guarantee that of all the photos you may have seen of this tiny island nation, none were taken in the workmanlike Singapore suburb of Tampines. While there is probably good reason for this, I’m here to show you that a seemingly boring area can be a great

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The main beach on Koh Rong,a beautiful and relaxing island in Cambodia
21 Nov 2013

Koh Rong, Cambodia: One of the Best Places to Relax in Southeast Asia

A Journey to Koh Rong I’d like to think I’m a pretty good traveller. I haven’t been ripped off too badly and am usually switched on, but on my journey to Koh Rong, Cambodia, my form deserted me. My brain had already switched to island time, but unfortunately I hadn’t remembered

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18 Nov 2013

Cities and Their Celebrity Doubles: Bangkok / Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage is that rare sort of character. He wouldn’t seem out of place if you saw him shooting up heroin in the bathroom of your local pub, but you also wouldn’t be surprised to see him on TV, dressed in a suit, trying to stop little African kids getting

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14 Nov 2013

Teaching English in Taiwan: My First Overseas Adventure

I was shell-shocked after teaching my first class. To say it didn’t go to plan is an understatement, and in that moment I questioned just why I was teaching English in Taiwan. I had cruised through the two week training period and was probably far too confident in my own

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