30 Oct 2016

Tabo to Kaza via Dhankar Monastery: A Short Road Trip in Spiti, India

My first stop in Spiti (after a week in the equally awesome Kinnaur region) was Tabo, a midget of a town surrounded by rocky cliffs and distant snow-capped mountains. I arrived on a bus from Nako, an ancient village in the bordering Kinnaur province, and it was a rugged ride.

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22 Oct 2016

Two Days in Kuala Lumpur (or KL if You Like Things Shortened)

One of the toughest decisions you’ll have during a trip to Kuala Lumpur is how to refer to Malaysia’s biggest city. Is calling it KL pretentious? Does it sound too much like the O.C., the horrible show about Orange County starring that guy who looks a bit like a young

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18 Oct 2016

Baños: The Waterfall Capital of Ecuador

What is it about water falling over rocks that we find so appealing? If I were a psychologist I’d probably say that it has something to do with our fathers, or that the crashing water signifies the tears that we repress in our adult lives. I’d be talking nonsense though

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13 Oct 2016

Walking Through the Ancient Lanes of Nako, a Small Village in the Indian Himalayas

If you’re travelling from Reckong Peo to Spiti you’ll pass by Nako. Some people breeze right by without sampling what this little town has to offer, but that would be a big mistake. Nako is surrounded by amazing scenery (most villages in this region of Himachal Pradesh are), but it’s the traditional

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05 Oct 2016

Trang An Grottos and Mua Cave: A Tour Through the Countryside Near Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Limestone mountains of all shapes and sizes dot the landscape around Ninh Binh. Even though winter isn’t the best time to visit, due to the rice fields being little more than brown puddles of water, I decided to hop on the back of a motorbike and take a tour around the

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Mancora travel guide -- the lighthouse above town
02 Oct 2016

Mancora Travel Guide: Desert, Beaches and Sunsets in Northern Peru

We arrived in Mancora just before the break of dawn after crossing the border from Ecuador. I was sick and we had to wander around in the dark to find a place to stay. It wasn’t the ideal intro to Peru, but over the next few days we slowly fell

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26 Sep 2016

Hiking in Hong Kong: A Day Trip to Lamma Island

After exploring the bright lights and towering skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island, we opted for a relaxing escape to the natural beauty of Lamma Island, a short ferry ride away from the hectic downtown area. If you want to do some easy hiking in Hong Kong, as well as explore

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Cycling between Ancient Ruins in Sukhothai, Thailand
21 Sep 2016

Cycling between Ancient Ruins in Sukhothai, Thailand

We arrived at the entrance to the ancient city of Sukhothai and glanced skyward. It was a grey, hazy morning — our luck for having clear skies above almost every archaeological site we’d visited around the world had deserted us. Things would improve though — the sun eventually shone (for

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