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18 Jan 2018

Four Trips You Should Take in 2018

Don’t you hate being told what to do and where to go by travel bloggers who have no idea what your interests are? It looks like you’ve stumbled on the wrong post, because that’s exactly what I’m about to do. You’ve probably noticed lots of lists like this lately –

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12 Jan 2018

What I learned on My Trip to Botswana

This is a guest post by Hayden Myers in conjunction with Botswana is a little piece of paradise nestled in the heart of Africa, where one goes to rejuvenate and reconnect with themselves and nature. One certainly gets more than they bargained for when they visit this special place,

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10 Jan 2018

A Road Trip Through the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

You can see a surprisingly large chunk of the Marlborough Sounds without having to set foot on a boat or undertake any long hikes. We recently went on a road trip through the Marlborough Sounds, starting in Picton and ending up down some incredibly scenic (and very quiet) gravel roads.

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01 Jan 2018

Two Weeks in Patagonia: Costs, Tips and Places to See

The vast distances between places of interest in Patagonia makes it a hard region to plan a trip to. This long shard of land in the deep south of South America, divided up between Argentina and Chile, is home to some of the world’s most hike-worthy mountain scenery. After months

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Two weeks in Vietnam -- Hoi An old town
21 Dec 2017

Two Weeks in Vietnam: The Ultimate Holiday Itinerary

If you asked me a few years ago to suggest a two week Vietnam itinerary I’d have said skip it altogether and go to Thailand or Laos. My first trip to Vietnam was a let down, but I’ve been a few times since and have grown to love this thin

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14 Dec 2017

A Day Trip to Malacca, Malaysia: 9 Things to See and Do

I’ll start this post by saying Malacca deserves more than just a day trip, but sometimes in life a day is all you can spare. While writing this I’m watching day four of a cricket test match (after also watching the first three days), so clearly that doesn’t apply to

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