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15 Mar 2018

What’s the Deal with Freedom Camping in New Zealand?

Nothing seems to get news-commenting New Zealanders more riled up than a negative story about freedom camping. The source of all that is evil and wrong in our otherwise perfect society can be traced back to freedom campers. Apparently they use and abuse our beautiful country while spending next to

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08 Mar 2018

A Day in Wellington, New Zealand’s Coffee Capital (and Actual Capital)

I recently returned to Wellington, a city I called home for four years, for a day of sightseeing, catching up with old friends and way too much eating and drinking. It’s New Zealand’s second coolest city (after Dunedin of course) and is full of historic buildings, cool cafes and the

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Hiking Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
25 Feb 2018

Colombia to Patagonia: Overland Travel in South America

If you read my last post you’ll know that this is the second instalment on our nine month overland (and a bit over water) journey through Latin America. If you didn’t read it I guess you know that now anyway (you can read the first part by clicking the link

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18 Feb 2018

Mexico to Colombia: Overland Travel in Central America

It took us nine months to travel overland from Mexico City to Patagonia, roughly the amount of time it takes to learn the guitar, grow a baby or get over the trauma of watching an entire episode of 2 Broke Girls. Was it time well spent? The short answer is

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08 Feb 2018

Why Dunedin is New Zealand’s Coolest, Best Looking City

If there’s one thing New Zealand doesn’t do so well, it’s cities. I generally advise people to get out of the main centres as soon as possible, as the real appeal of New Zealand lies in its huge variety of (mostly) unspoilt landscapes. Dunedin is different. It’s by far the

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01 Feb 2018

Christchurch to Picton via Kaikoura: Driving the Coastal Road after the Earthquake

Just over a year ago a huge earthquake, cantered near Kaikoura, decimated parts of the coastal highway between Christchurch and Picton. The inland route, via the Lewis Pass, was a capable replacement, but the coastal road is now back up and running and it makes for a great drive. It

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