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15 Nov 2017

Wanaka to the West Coast: Driving One of New Zealand’s Most Scenic Roads

The best thing about a trip to New Zealand, assuming you’re travelling by car, is the abundance of scenic drives on offer. From curvy coastline roads to mountain framed passes, there’s a perfect road trip for every kind of traveller. Driving yourself, whether in a car or a campervan, allows

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07 Nov 2017

Backpacking in Colombia: Costs, Tips and Places to See

Colombia was once more famous for murders and cocaine than colonial towns and beautiful vistas, but those old preconceptions are changing. It’s so much more than it’s violent past, and is quickly becoming one of those must-see countries in South America. As is the case with most people who visit,

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31 Oct 2017

Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove: Two Unique New Zealand Beaches

On a recent trip to the North Island we spent a couple of days exploring the Coromandel Peninsula. Rated as one of New Zealand’s best beach destinations, the Coromandel (as it’s known locally) is ripe for a road trip. Two of the most popular sights are Hot Water Beach and

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24 Oct 2017

Touring the Hobbiton Movie Set, New Zealand: Worth It or Overrated?

Would you pay $80 for a tour of an old film set? What if they threw in a free glass of beer and a guide whose main role was to politely hurry people past hobbit holes and rolling hills? Not being a massive Lord of the Rings fan (and a

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16 Oct 2017

Highlights From a Year Exploring New Zealand’s South Island

It has been a year since we moved to New Zealand. A year without travelling overseas once seemed like a punishment worse than death, but now I’ve come to see it as being a bit like home detention. I’ve been stuck in New Zealand, due to a fast approaching wedding

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04 Oct 2017

Why Don Det Is My Favourite Place on Earth (so far)

What’s your favourite place on Earth? That was a question I was asked recently as part of a game for Gia’s hen’s night (I’m getting married in a week!). I’d never had to choose my “favourite” place before, but Don Det, a small Mekong River island in Laos, quickly came

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