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01 Jul 2020

The Best Travel TV Shows (Updated July 2020)

This is an update to a post I published a couple of years ago. I’ve seen a lot more travel TV shows since then so this is a far more comprehensive guide. Enjoy! An Idiot Abroad There’s nothing funnier, in terms of travel TV shows anyway, than a man travelling

24 Jun 2020

10 of the Best Things to Do in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

If you’re planning a trip to Northern Thailand, then chances are that you’ll spend plenty of time in Chiang Mai. In fact, for a lot of people, Chiang Mai is Northern Thailand. It’s by far the biggest city in the north and there are heaps of things to see and

17 Jun 2020

Travelling in New Zealand in 2020

It has been three long months since borders started closing, obliterating travel (and travel blogging earnings) in the process. Luckily, here in New Zealand, we crushed the curve and now things look and feel much as they did before the world shut down. Local travel is back up and running

03 Jun 2020

New Zealand Road Trip: What to See in New Zealand in a Month

This post was originally published in 2019 and was updated in June 2020. So, you have a month in New Zealand and you want to see the best of what this country has to offer? I have good and bad news. You won’t be able to see all the iconic

Travel skills you might need on your next trip
27 May 2020

7 Travel Skills You Might Need on Your Next Trip

The ability to sleep anywhere If you’re travelling on a budget you’ll quickly realise that soft, comfortable beds with plenty of pillows and blankets aren’t all that common. You’ll sleep in beds that feel like park benches and stay in rooms that should be labelled as saunas. At the other

20 May 2020

The Best Movies Set in Thailand: Travel From the Comfort of Your Couch!

Thinking of travelling to Thailand? Forget about reading long, boring books and check out these movies set in Thailand to really get a feel for the country. Only God Forgives (2013) Ryan Gosling, having decided he didn’t brood and stare intensely at things enough in Drive, decides to have another