Things to do in Brunei
20 May 2014

Things to Do in Brunei on a Budget

Brunei is a really unique place to visit and makes for a great detour on any Southeast Asian trip. There are plenty of things to do in Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan mostly), but the most interesting aspect of the country for me is the atmosphere. It’s incredibly quiet and peaceful, the

The view of Kampong Ayer, the largest water village in the world
17 May 2014

Kampong Ayer: Postcards from a Water Village in Brunei

Brunei had always been a mystery to me. For longer than I’d like to admit I thought it was in the Middle East (and I used to be good at geography – not sure how that one slipped by me), but it’s actually a small country wedged between 2 states