08 Aug 2016

Things to Do in Singapore: The Ultimate, Best, Most Awesome Guide

Don’t you hate it when ultimate guides turn out to be not so ultimate? I hope to avoid that fate with this list of things to do in Singapore — surely my two years as an expat in the Lion City makes me something of an authority. Does it deserve to be

18 May 2016

The Quays to the City: Exploring Downtown Singapore

The Singapore River has played many roles over the last couple of hundred years. It was the centre of trade and commerce during colonial times, but these days the focus is on tourism and nightlife. Downtown Singapore is home to some of the city’s top tourist attractions and is easily explored

Shophouses on Koon Seng Road, Singapore
05 May 2016

Photographing Singapore’s Historic Shophouses

Singapore is often thought of as a slightly soulless city full of towering sky scrapers and air conditioned shopping malls. Dig a little deeper though and you’ll find historic streets lined with colourful shophouses, although these shop / house combos are often towered over by massive skyscrapers (this is still Singapore

Thinking about moving to Singapore? Read this!
10 Jul 2015

Thinking of Moving to Singapore? Read This!

So, you’re thinking of moving to Singapore, the tiny city state with the giant economy? It’s a great place to work and save money, but what is it really like to live there? Keep reading for information on housing, food, night life, public transport and ideas for what to do

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, a must see during 2 days in Singapore
28 Sep 2014

2 Days in Singapore: The Best of Both Worlds

Having spent over 2 years in Singapore I finally feel like I’m qualified to give some advice on how you should spend your time there. When people ask me for advice on Singapore they usually only have a couple of days to kill between flights, so I’ve created a “2

The Southern Ridges - a great place to walk if you have 2 days in Singapore
09 Aug 2014

The Best Walks in Singapore: From the Forest to the City

Singapore crams a lot of variety into its tiny borders, and there is no better way to get to know this misunderstood country than to go for a walk. Check out this list of the best walks in Singapore, which pass by beaches, mangrove forests, historical districts, skyscrapers and a

The supertrees at night during the garden rhapsody at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
04 May 2014

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore: The Coolest Gardens in the World?

Gardens aren’t usually the most exciting of places. Sure, if you are a huge flower fan or are really into ponds, they might be the highlight of your holiday, but to your average person they are just pleasant places to kill an hour or 2. Gardens by the bay is

Kampong Buangkok, the last kampong in mainland Singapore
02 May 2014

Kampong Buangkok: The Last Remaining Traditinal Village in Mainland Singapore

The pumping pistons of the Singaporean dream machine are in full swing, turning this former rural backwater into the modern metropolis we know today. This sweeping modernisation definitely has its good points; Singapore has become the safest, cleanest and richest country in Southeast Asia, but at what cost? Turn the