Walking the streets of Quito old town, Ecuador:
18 Jan 2017

A Day in Quito, Ecuador: Exploring the Old Town

We walked through the doors of Quito’s “Gold Church” (La Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús) and were immediately surrounded by a golden glow. We found the church version of El Dorado, but the fact that photography is forbidden left us a bit frustrated. We took a few anyway (sorry Jesus, if you exist)

18 Oct 2016

Baños: The Waterfall Capital of Ecuador

What is it about water falling over rocks that we find so appealing? If I were a psychologist I’d probably say that it has something to do with our fathers, or that the crashing water signifies the tears that we repress in our adult lives. I’d be talking nonsense though

12 Oct 2015

Crossing the Border between Colombia and Ecuador: Ipiales to Otavalo

Crossing the border between Colombia and Ecuador at Ipiales was a laid back affair — the actual border crossing took less than an hour and there is also a pretty amazing church in town that you should definitely check out. Here are the details… Arriving in Ipiales We took a

The easy version of the Quilotoa Look, Ecuador
29 Sep 2015

The Quilotoa Loop, Ecuador: The Easy Version

The Quilotoa Loop is a multi-day trek between rural Andean villages in Ecuador. We chose to skip the “multi day” part and head straight for the showpiece attraction, the amazing Laguna Quilotoa, a crater lake full of varying shades of blue water. Feeling lazy and want to do the same?

22 Sep 2015

The Night Bus from Ecuador to Peru: Cuenca to Mancora

I found a lot of misinformation while searching how to cross the border from Ecuador to Peru. I heard that it was one of the dodgiest border crossings in Latin America and that it was best to do it during the day – both of these are wrong. It is

sunset in the Amazon in Ecuador
03 Sep 2015

The Amazon in Ecuador: A Cheap Jungle Tour

As Hannibal from the A Team used to say, “I love it when a plan comes together”.  I had that same feeling while watching the sun slowly setting above the jungle – I knew visiting the Amazon in Ecuador was the right choice. We were in a small boat on Laguna Grande,