26 Apr 2019

Backpacking in Guatemala: Costs, Tips and Places to See

Firmly on the Central America backpacker trail (AKA the Gringo Trail); Guatemala is home to all sorts of natural and historic wonders. From the jungle pyramids of the north to one of the most atmospheric colonial cities in the Americas there is so much to see while backpacking in Guatemala.

05 Oct 2015

Antigua, Guatemala: The Nicest Colonial Town in Central America?

Historic buildings usually come in two flavours; either restored to within an inch of their lives or crumbling away like a fading tan. Which is better? That’s for us all to decide, but if you visit Antigua you’ll get the best of both worlds. You’ll see carefully restored colonial houses

06 Jul 2015

A Journey to the Exotic Jungle Pyramids of Tikal, Guatemala

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt while travelling in Mexico and Central America it’s that I love pyramids (I apologise if you were hoping for something more insightful and deep, that’s not really my style). I’m starting to wonder how I survived the first 30 years of my life without

The view of Semuc Champey from El Mirador, Guatemala, Central America
27 Apr 2015

Semuc Champey: A Must-See Natural Wonder in Guatemala

It felt like we were being smuggled between borders. I was one of around 20 tourists who were packed onto the back of a truck heading from the dusty town of Lanquin to the mythical waters of Semuc Champey. I was holding on for all I was worth as the truck lurched around corners, too

Colourful buildings in Flores, Guatemala
15 Apr 2015

Flores: A Relaxing Welcome to Guatemala

After surviving the 26 hour trip from Valladolid (Mexico) to Flores, Guatemala it was satisfying to find an awesome little laid back town with great lake views and quiet, colourful streets. Flores is a tiny island (linked to the mainland by a causeway) on Lake Petén in Northern Guatemala and