26 Nov 2018

Searching for the Best Beaches in Padangbai, Bali

Padangbai is perhaps best known as the port you’ll pass through on the way to Lombok and the Gili Islands. But slip away from the traffic choked streets of the port area and you’ll find a couple of nice beaches and a laid-back little beach town. On my recent trip

26 Sep 2018

10 Awesome Islands Near Bali That You Can Easily Visit

Bali means many things to many people. Some are captivated by the spirituality, kind locals, variety of landscapes and hip beach bars while others catch one glimpse of Kuta — and all the tackiness it’s famous for — and decide Bali isn’t for them. A trip to Bali doesn’t have

22 Aug 2018

A Day Trip to Nusa Penida: One of the Best Bali Day trips

Bali is a bit like Marmite or The Big Bang Theory. You tend to either love it or hate it (I hate both of those if you were wondering). I am however a Bali fan, but that wasn’t always the case. To really fall for Bali, you need to get

Hiking to waterfalls in Munduk, Bali, Indonesia
01 Aug 2018

Hiking to Three Awesome Waterfalls in Munduk, Bali + Other Things to Do in Munduk

Despite being one of the most overrun tourist destinations in Asia, Bali can seem pretty quiet if you venture out from the popular places. Munduk, a small village on a ridge surrounded by hills, could never be described as overcrowded. Recently I went on a hike to three waterfalls in

Where are the best beaches on Gili Air, Indonesia?
24 Jul 2018

Where Are the Best Beaches on Gili Air, Indonesia?

They say good things (or maybe it’s bad things) happen in threes. That’s definitely the case for the Gili Islands, a group of three tiny coral islands off the coast of Lombok. I’ve already taken you on a tour of Trawangan (the largest) and Meno (the smallest), so it’s time

16 Jul 2018

Where Are the Best Beaches on Gili Meno, Indonesia?

Gili Meno is the “upmarket honeymoon” member of the main Gili Islands group, a set of three small islands off the coast of Lombok. It’s perfect for lazy beach holidays, honeymoons and anytime you want some respite from the bustle of Bali. It’s also a great option for budget travellers

10 Jun 2018

Nusa Lembongan Travel Guide: Best Beaches | Things to Do | Where to Stay

A short boat ride away from Bali lies the relatively undeveloped island of Nusa Lembongan. It’s one of the three “Nusa Islands” — the others being Ceningan and Penida — and is by far the most popular one to stay at. This Nusa Lembongan travel guide will show you the

03 Jun 2018

Where Are the Best Rice Terraces in Bali? Tegalalang VS Jatiluwih

Where are the best rice terraces in Bali? That’s a question I asked myself recently when I was planning my honeymoon to Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands. Central Bali has a lot to offer, from volcano hikes to monkey forests, but one of the highlights of a trip to