Day trips to the Amalfi Coast, Italy
16 Aug 2015

Lazy Day Trips to the Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you’ve had a social media pulse over the last few years you will have heard about the Amalfi Coast. You might have seen photos of colourful villages perched on cliffs above the blight blue Mediterranean Sea, or shots of fancy hotels and the glamorous people who occupy them. How can

Two Days in Rome: the Real Italian Stallion
23 Jan 2015

Two Days in Rome: The Real Italian Stallion

All roads lead to Rome, which makes it an extremely hard place to write about considering the thousands of articles already out there. As far as I know, no one has tried to name drop (in a natural way) every Sylvester Stallone movie into an article about Rome, and that

Eating pizza in Naples, Italy
14 Jan 2015

Getting Fat on Pizza in Naples (And Other Food in Europe)

I know I don’t usually tackle the heavy issues, but today you’re in for a treat. I was in Athens killing time in a pharmacy (while Gia tried to find medicine for her sore throat) when I saw a set of scales. I hadn’t weighed myself in a long time,

A day trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum, Italy
04 Dec 2014

Visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum: A Day Trip to the Past

There’s nothing quite like a volcano to bring death and destruction to a town while ironically preserving it for tourists to walk around 2000 years later. You’d be forgiven for thinking only one town, Pompeii, was destroyed when Mt Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, but the small town of Herculaneum

Romance in Venice - a small side street
30 Nov 2014

Cheap Romance in Venice

If bank accounts could talk they’d probably spin all sorts of stories to put you off going to Venice. It’s a cheapskate’s nightmare destination, but if you’re travelling around Europe with your girlfriend then chances are you’ll end up there. I’m here to show you how to get a taste