12 Aug 2020

10 PS4 Games to Play if You Miss Travelling

With most international travel off limits for the time being, travellers like me are forced to think outside the box (or inside their X Box) for their fill of sightseeing and exploration. After my four-month Europe and Middle East trip was cancelled in March, I went out and bought a

01 Jul 2020

The Best Travel TV Shows (Updated July 2020)

This is an update to a post I published a couple of years ago. I’ve seen a lot more travel TV shows since then so this is a far more comprehensive guide. Enjoy! An Idiot Abroad There’s nothing funnier, in terms of travel TV shows anyway, than a man travelling

20 May 2020

The Best Movies Set in Thailand: Travel From the Comfort of Your Couch!

Thinking of travelling to Thailand? Forget about reading long, boring books and check out these movies set in Thailand to really get a feel for the country. Only God Forgives (2013) Ryan Gosling, having decided he didn’t brood and stare intensely at things enough in Drive, decides to have another

23 Apr 2018

The Best Movies Set in Vietnam: Travel from the Comfort of Your Couch!

Seeing a destination on the screen instead of actually going there has several advantages. You won’t be scammed, spend thousands of dollars that could have gone on clothes, coffee and nights out and the language barrier won’t be a problem (unless it’s a foreign film and you hate reading subtitles).

movies set in China - the Painted Veil
07 Sep 2015

Movies Set in China: The Reel Guide

Whether you’re planning a trip to China or maybe on the fence about whether you should go there or not, seeing this colourful, historic and incredibly scenic country on screen is bound to inspire you. You’ll see amazing scenery and gravity defying martial arts, but thankfully with this list the language

A Game of Thrones day trip to Essaouira, Morocco
28 Jan 2015

A Game of Thrones Day Trip to Essaouira, Morocco

The only people I’ve met recently who have seen Game of Thrones and don’t love it are those who have smugly read the books already, and obviously nothing can ever beat the books! I considered reading them, but my favourite part of the TV show is the fact I have

Two Days in Rome: the Real Italian Stallion
23 Jan 2015

Two Days in Rome: The Real Italian Stallion

All roads lead to Rome, which makes it an extremely hard place to write about considering the thousands of articles already out there. As far as I know, no one has tried to name drop (in a natural way) every Sylvester Stallone movie into an article about Rome, and that

The village of Aït Benhaddou, Morocco
31 Dec 2014

Cinematic Scenes from Aït Benhaddou, Morocco

Hollywood location scouts searching for Middle East/North African desert villages must have the easiest job in the world, as they all seem to choose Aït Benhaddou – and for good reason. It has that exotic mix of mud-brick buildings sitting above an oasis of palm trees that looks so good on