07 Jun 2017

Have Tourists Ruined this Place? My New Method Will Give You the Answer

My travel alter-ego has returned after a three year hiatus. He wrote this post after visiting one too many packed tourist sights. Check out this interview I did with him to find out who he is, and you can also read his post about travelling with a guitar. Tourists…they’re annoying aren’t

06 Sep 2014

How to Make People Jealous with Your Photos from the Road

When documenting your travels, one of the most important things to remember is that none of it means anything unless you make it look as amazing as possible. The explosion of social media over the last few years has made it possible to let thousands of people know just how

04 Aug 2014

Introducing My Travel Alter Ego

When preparing to unleash your alter ego onto the world there’s one important decision you have to make – will he (or she) be a hero or a villain? Heroes are virtuous, brave, inspiring and a little boring. Villains – well, they can be whatever you want them to be.

21 Jul 2014

Why Everyone Should Travel with a Guitar

This post was written by my travel alter ego. Read this interview to find out who he is and why I created him. As you know by now, I am of the opinion that image plays a huge role in defining us as travellers. If we go quietly about our work