14 Feb 2020

Two Week Peru Itinerary: Inca Ruins, Beaches, Hikes, Deserts and More!

People often ask me what the best country I’ve visited is. It’s always hard to answer, but more often than not I say Peru. Why is that…? Well, Peru has an incredible variety of landscapes, from snow-capped mountains, turquoise lakes, rolling sand dunes, barren beaches and so much more. There’s

06 Dec 2017

Backpacking in Peru: Costs, Tips and Places to See

“What’s your favourite country?” I get asked that question a lot, and while I don’t have a clear favourite, Peru is generally my answer. Machu Picchu is the obvious highlight (and it is amazing) but there is so much more to see. The best thing about backpacking in Peru is

21 Apr 2017

Two Days in Arequipa, Peru’s Scenic Southern City

One of the highlights of any trip to South America is exploring centuries old Spanish colonial cities. These little pieces of Europe are scattered all over this wild continent, and Arequipa is one of the nicest. We spent a few days relaxing in Arequipa before and after our trip to

06 Jan 2017

Ollantaytambo: Inca Ruins Above One of Peru’s Nicest Small Towns

If you’re visiting Peru then you are probably, at some point, going to make your way to Machu Picchu. Most people pass through Ollantaytambo on the way to the famous Inca ruins, but many don’t realise that this tiny town, with its own impressive ruins and laid-back atmosphere, is a memorable

Mancora travel guide -- the lighthouse above town
02 Oct 2016

Mancora Travel Guide: Desert, Beaches and Sunsets in Northern Peru

We arrived in Mancora just before the break of dawn after crossing the border from Ecuador. I was sick and we had to wander around in the dark to find a place to stay. It wasn’t the ideal intro to Peru, but over the next few days we slowly fell

A day trip to Moray and Salinas de Maras, Peru
29 Jun 2016

A Day Trip to Moray and Salinas de Maras: The Surreal Sacred Valley

The Scared Valley was the heartland of the Inca civilization and today it’s the tourism epicentre of Peru. Machu Picchu takes most of the headlines, and rightly so, but there are so many other ancient sites worth visiting. We used Cusco as a base to explore the Sacred Valley and

09 Mar 2016

The 2 Day Colca Canyon Trek: Into (and back out of) One of the World’s Deepest Canyons

I feel a bit sorry for mules. They have to walk up and down the steep slopes of Colca Canyon (and lots of other places) and they also tend to get burdened with the thankless task of drug smuggling. A lot of people opt to ride a mule instead of

Desert ruins in northern Peru: Chan Chan
25 Jan 2016

Chan Chan and Huaca de la Luna / Huaca del Sol: Desert Ruins in Northern Peru

You already know about the Incas and their impressive citadel of Machu Picchu, but have you heard of the Chimú and Moche civilizations? The Moche came first, building and then abandoning their grand city in the desert. The Moche civilization declined, which eventually led to the founding of Chan Chan, the capital of the