How to find a good English teaching job in Asia
03 Sep 2014

How to Find Good English Teaching Jobs in Asia

Ever wondered how people find good English teaching jobs in Asia, the kind that allows them to travel the world for months or even years when their contracts end? You’ve come to the right place! Check out my advice and let me know some of your own tips in the

Teaching English in Taiwan - a great option if you want to teach English in Asia
19 Mar 2014

10 Reasons to Teach English in Asia

Do you want to earn some money, see the world and escape your comfort zone? You should teach English in Asia! Here are 10 reasons why you should give it a go: You’ll save a lot of money Assuming you don’t drink it all away, chances are you’ll save a

Tips for a first time English Teacher
04 Dec 2013

10 Tips For a First Time English Teacher in Asia

Are you a first time English teacher in Asia (or are you planning to be)? Check out these tips to make the transition that little bit easier! Make a good first impression The first impression I made in Taiwan was not a strong one. The day after training, the new

14 Nov 2013

Teaching English in Taiwan: My First Overseas Adventure

I was shell-shocked after teaching my first class. To say it didn’t go to plan is an understatement, and in that moment I questioned just why I was teaching English in Taiwan. I had cruised through the two week training period and was probably far too confident in my own

How to save $3000 a month teaching English in Singapore
06 Nov 2013

How to Save $3000 ($2400 USD) a Month Teaching English in Singapore

Choosing somewhere to teach in Asia can be a daunting task. Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, these all sound like great options, and they probably are, but where can you save the most money? Assuming you read titles, you probably already know that teaching English in Singapore is a great choice.