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Sunset at Lahangan Sweet, Bali

Sunset at Lahangan Sweet, Bali

With a name, and general set-up which seems geared towards Instagrammers, Lahangan Sweet is poised to be that next fashionable thing to do in Bali. Luckily, it’s a stunning place — a spot on a ridge with grand views of Mount Agung as well as Bali’s east coast. I went to Lahangan Sweet on my 2022 Bali trip — keep reading to see if it’s worth the hype!

Getting to Lahangan Sweet

Lahangan Sweet is located in east Bali, roughly 30 minutes from Amed. I went there from Ubud, renting a car / driver for the afternoon / early evening. The driver didn’t know where it was, and when he finally realised where it was he wasn’t happy. I’ve never seen a driver in Bali complain so much!


It wasn’t my fault — I organised the driver through my hotel and expected them to know where it was (or not take the job). The drive out to East Bali is stunning — we passed by Sidemen (rice terraces) and Bukit Cinta (another Mt Agung viewpoint) and some nice rural roadside views. Most people get to Lahangan Sweet by motorbike — I’d be careful driving back in the dark though. The car park is about 900 metres from the entrance — you can walk it or get a guy to take you up on a motorbike. If you’re on a bike already you can drive up close to the entrance.

Lahangan Sweet: A Series of Viewpoints 

I got to Lahangan Sweet around an hour before sunset. I had heaps of time to explore the area, which is home to a few Instagram-worthy viewpoints jutting out over the ridge. 

You’ve got a boat, as well as a few other platforms. The views are awesome from there and it’s not all about getting that Instagram shot, although I can imagine it will be in the future. Is Instagram even popular anymore? Maybe it’s TikTok now.

Some people I saw came and went without seeing the viewpoints over on the ocean side, they were entirely focused on the main view of Mt Agung.

Sunset at Lahangan Sweet

As the sun starts to set Mt Agung comes into focus. It’s the biggest volcano on the island of Bali, and one of the biggest in Indonesia. It’s erupted recently, disrupting local life and travel plans alike.

It was a bit cloudy when I was there but all in all it was a pretty good sunset.  Mt Agung is often shrouded in cloud and mist, so check the weather before you go!

The Details

It costs 30,000 INR (as of July 2022) to visit, which also includes a small bottle of water. It was very quiet — maybe around 20 people there for sunset. 

I reckon it’ll become far more popular in the coming months and years, although it is a bit of an effort to get there. It’s very close to Lempuyang Temple, which had its day in the Instagram sun a while back. It turns out those reflection photos you might have seen were faked using a mirror!

Are you planning a trip to Bali? Check out my two-week itinerary — hopefully, it’ll give you some idea of where to go and what to see!

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