The easy version of the Quilotoa Look, Ecuador
29 Sep 2015

The Quilotoa Loop, Ecuador: The Easy Version

The Quilotoa Loop is a multi-day trek between rural Andean villages in Ecuador. We chose to skip the “multi day” part and head straight for the showpiece attraction, the amazing Laguna Quilotoa, a crater lake full of varying shades of blue water. Feeling lazy and want to do the same?

Best natural wonders in Europe
25 Feb 2015

24 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe

Europe is full of amazing scenery, but since I’ve only spent 3 months there I needed to rope in some fellow travel bloggers to help bring you this list of natural wonders in Europe. Keep reading for stunning photos of waterfalls, mountains, lakes and more (also check out the Southeast

Central Otago in Autumn
28 Aug 2014

Photographing Central Otago in Autumn

You’d think the best time to visit New Zealand (and Central Otago specifically) would be the middle of summer, but if you’re travelling in December and January you’ll most likely get some pretty awful weather.  You’ll also have to deal with a lot of holidaying locals so if you’re thinking

The best natural wonders in Southeast Asia
22 Aug 2014

The 15 Best Natural Wonders in Southeast Asia

As my time in Southeast Asia draws to a close, I’m starting to think about all of the awesome places I’ve been. I love cities, history and architecture, but the most memorable aspects of the region for me are the unique and varied natural wonders. I hope you enjoy my

A fisherman and his daughter on Inle Lake, Burma (Myanmar)
24 Feb 2014

Inle Lake: Floating Through Life in Myanmar

I thought I knew what lakes were all about, after all we do have a lot of them in New Zealand.  That notion was turned upside down when I visited Inle Lake, because not only do they fish, swim and play in the water, they also live on it. There