Nacpan beach, one of the beaches of El Nido, Palawan, The Philippines
30 Jun 2018

14 of the Best Beaches in Southeast Asia

This post was first published in 2015, but I’ve been to a lot more Southeast Asia beaches since then so it needed an update! Are you planning a trip to Southeast Asia? There’s so much to see – from ancient history, pulsating cities and stunning natural wonders, but perhaps the biggest

Glória funicular, which takes you up to Bairro Alto, one of the 7 hills in Lisbon
01 Feb 2015

The Hills in Lisbon Have Eyes!

Have you seen that movie “The Hills Have Eyes” ? It’s about a group of inbred man-monsters terrorising an American family, and sorry to spoil it for you, but it doesn’t end up well for almost everyone involved. While I didn’t see any inbred “things” in Lisbon, I did see

Nemberala, Rote Island, Indonesia- far from the tourist trail
09 Jul 2014

Rote Island, Indonesia: A Gem Hidden from the Tourist Trail

“Bule, bule, hello, bule!!” screamed young and old as I passed through their tiny village. Bule means foreigner – I’m not sure if they were really saying hello or they were just alerting their friends that a tourist was in town. I’d wandered a few kilometres from Nemberala, the tourist epicentre

Don Det, on of the 4000 Islands in Laos
10 Jan 2014

Don Det: One of the Best Places to Relax in Southeast Asia

While researching southern Laos I stumbled across two interesting facts: 1.) Laos, the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia, has islands. 2.) It doesn’t just have one or two; apparently there are 4000 of them! That was more than enough information to convince me to check them out, so off