A trip to Lago de Coatepeque, El Salvador
01 Jun 2016

A Trip to Lago de Coatepeque, El Salvador’s Luxury Lake

El Salvador isn’t a country you associate with luxury. While this tiny Central American country is relatively poor, it is home to plenty of rich people, and a lot of them seem to have houses next to Lago de Coatepeque. That’s not great news for tourists though. Huge sections of

23 May 2015

Suchitoto: One of the Best Places to Relax in Central America

Central America can get pretty hectic. From packed chicken buses to the ever present danger of being mugged – it’s not always the most tranquil of holiday destinations. Every now and then you need a respite from the chaos, so if you’re looking for a great place to relax in

10 May 2015

Jon Vs the Volcano 2: Climbing Santa Ana Volcano, El Salvador

Just like the script writers and directors of Hollywood, I’ve run out of story ideas. The simple solution is to start churning out sequels, so here’s the first of what could be many. Part 1 was set in Indonesia (check it out here) but for the sequel I decided to