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I don’t really like to talk about myself (I know it’s not the best attribute for someone writing a blog) so I roped in an old friend to ask me some questions. 

Other Jon: So, tell me about yourself Jon, I’m assuming that’s your name.

Jon: You’re correct Other Jon; I see research really does pay off. I left New Zealand in July 2010 to teach English in Taiwan and it was quite an experience. I was thrown completely out of my comfort zone from day one and surprised myself by how I adapted. I completed my contract and set out into Southeast Asia for six months, then I taught for 2 years in Singapore and now I’m travelling the world.

Other Jon: Interesting…why did you leave New Zealand in the first place?

Jon: I left New Zealand for an adventure, to see the world and because I didn’t want to get a proper job. I had just finished university and felt the whole world was at my feet, I just needed to save some money, which is why I went to Taiwan.

Other Jon: Tell me about your six months in Southeast Asia.

Jon: It was the best six months of my life, every day brought something new and I met so many great people. Travelling long term with no schedule is the most freeing thing anyone can do — I recommend it.

Other Jon: What are you up to now?

Jon: I spent 2 years teaching English in Singapore and I’ve been travelling full time since May 2014.

Other Jon: You spelt traveling wrong. Come to think of it, you misspell a lot of things…

Jon: This is a hatchet job! You must be from America, this is how the rest of the world spells it.

Other Jon: Future plans?

Jon: I’m currently back in New Zealand, exploring the South Island while trying to turn my blog into a money making machine — from here…who knows!

Other Jon: Thanks Jon, you’re a true inspiration. I’ll be following you with great interest.

Jon: Thanks Other Jon, your questions were great. You could really make it in this business.

To anyone reading, I hope you keep coming back for more stories, travel advice and creepy split-personality interviews.


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Jon Algie

A travel blogger from New Zealand who hates talking about himself in the third person and has no imagination when it comes to naming websites.