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There are thousands of people like me on the internet. We’ll help you plan your trip by telling you where the best attractions, towns, nature spots (and lots more) are. Why choose me though? Well, I’ve been doing it for almost 10 years now, with multiple trips to places like Thailand,  Vietnam, Laos Indonesia and India. I’ve also lived in Singapore and Taiwan, and currently reside in my home town of Dunedin,  New Zealand.

I reckon a huge part of getting travel advice (or any kind of advice) is getting it from the right sources. What is good advice for one person is terrible for another,  especially with travel. When it comes to travel bloggers, go for someone similar to you! Is that me? You’re about to find out…

  • I love a good deal.
  • I appreciate a good variety of pillow options at a hotel.
  • I love it when dogs follow me on hikes out of town.
  •  I’ll only swim in the ocean if it’s calm, clear and shallow (aka the tropics).
  • I like walking. I always try to seek out hiking trails when I travel. Not only the hard ones — I love finding short, easy walks that lead to beautiful views. The South Island of New Zealand is perfect for this.

  • I play golf (recently got back into it after about 20 years). It helps that I play at the stunning course pictured below! I’m hoping to play some famous courses over the next few years – might need to geta bit better first though!
  • I’m competitive.  I enjoy any kind of game, test of skill etc, and I love competing with people (lots of banter included). I’m a master at the classic ps1 game Jonah Lomu Rugby — let me know if you think you can beat me!
  • I love stories.  TV shows, movies,  books, anime and games (the latter two I got into during the pandemic) – there’s so much variety out there and you’ll never run out of things to watch – choosing wisely is key!

  • I enjoy watching sports,  and am planning to go to some big events in the next few years. Maybe the 2023 rugby world cup in France.  I’d also love to visit India when the New Zealand cricket team is touring.  My teams are the Highlanders (rugby), NZ Warriors (league) and the Black Caps (NZ cricket team). I also got into the Premier League when living in Asia — my team is Everton though…

A Bit About My Travels

I’ve done a lot of solo travel, travelled around the world with my wife, had a honeymoon in Bali, travelled with friends, family, short trips and long. I’ve been adventurous when travelling,  and also incredibly lazy. I love to try the local food,  and am always looking for good burgers or BBQ. I’ll even eat the occasional meal of McDonald’s, which is blasphemy in certain travel circles.

My favorite travel experiences include hiking to a remote mountain village in China, exploring the Sacred Valley of the Incas (including Machu Picchu) in Peru and wandering the labyrinth lanes of the various medinas in Morocco. Sunsets on Don Det, sunrises over Lake Titicaca.

Let me help you plan your trip to these places

If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Singapore or Vietnam — I’m your man. Keep reading just below for lots of information about them.

I’m also relatively knowledgeable about the following places: MalaysiaMorocco, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, BoliviaNicaragua, Ecuador, China, and Myanmar.

I’ve done shorter trips to heaps of other countries, but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in them. Check out all the destinations I’ve written about here.

New Zealand

I’ve written over 40 posts about New Zealand over the last few years. I hail from the South Island of New Zealand and have travelled extensively throughout the island. This has led me to the opinion that the South Island (Te Wai Pounamu) is the most beautiful island in the world. The North Island is alright too…

Planning a trip to New Zealand? Start with these posts: Two Week New Zealand Itinerary || The Best Beaches in New Zealand || The Best Things to Do in New Zealand || Ranking the Great Walks in Fiordland National Park


I lived in Singapore for two years,  and it was in those long, lazy days in the office that this blog came to be (I taught for 25 hours a week but had to be in the office for 40, with no marking or planning to do). I went pretty much everywhere that looked interesting in Singapore over those two years,  so if you’re planning a trip there I’ve got you covered.

Here are some posts to start with: 2 Days in Singapore: The Best of Both Worlds || The Best Beaches in Singapore || The Best Walks in Singapore || The Best Things to Do in Singapore


I first visited Indonesia in 2014 and have been there a few times since.  I’ve spent upwards of 3-4 months in the country during all those trips, visiting over a dozen islands. Indonesia is an incredible country,  and with 17000 islands there’s heaps of variety. Bali is the most popular by far, but head for places like Java, Sumatra,  and Flores and you’ll escape the tourist crowds.

Check out these posts if you’re planning a trip to Indonesia: What’s a Trip to Bali Really Like? || The Best Things to Do in Indonesia || 10 Awesome Islands Near Bali || Backpacking in Indonesia: Costs, Tips and Places to See


Thailand is another place I’ve returned to often since I visited for the first time in 2012. I reckon Thailand is the perfect travel destination.  You’ve got dozens of paradise islands,  heaps of interesting history, monkeys, great food and a tourist trail that’s easy to escape from if you’re sick of the crowds.

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Laos was the highlight of my first first 6-month trip around Southeast Asia. I loved the relaxing riverside villages, the mountain views, waterfalls and the general vibe of the place. It’s an easy place to travel but also feels a bit more remote than nearby Thailand.

Check out these posts if you’re planning a trip to Laos: Backpacking in Laos: Costs, Tips and Places to See || The Best Things to Do on Don Det (stunning island in the Mekong River) || A Three Day Mekong River Cruise in Southern Laos || The Mysterious Plain of Jars


I’ve been to Vietnam a few times over the last decade and have visited heaps of places, from the far south to up near the border with China. I even saw snow up there!  I lived in Hoi An for a couple of months (nicest city in Southeast Asia I reckon) and I highly recommend spending a little longer there – so much good food!

Planning a trip to Vietnam? Check out these posts: Two-Week Vietnam Itinerary || The Best Things to do in Hoi An || Ha Giang Province Travel Guide || The Best Things to Do in Hanoi || The Best Movies Set in Vietnam


I’ve been to India twice now (around 3 months total) and still have heaps to see. I’ll be saying that forever though, there’ll always be somewhere new to go in India! India is a travel experience like no other – definitely not easy but it’s home to counless incredible historic sights, stunning nature and a very interesting culture and history.

Planning a trip to India? Check out these posts: India Travel Tips || Hampi Travel Guide: Exploring India’s Best Ancient Ruins || Two Weeks in Rajasthan || Backpacking in Himachal Pradesh: Monasteries and Mountains || Two Days in Delhi

And that’s all you need to know about me and my website — happy travels!

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Jon Algie

A travel blogger from New Zealand who hates talking about himself in the third person and has no imagination when it comes to naming websites.