Touring the Forts and Palaces in Jaipur, India --
11 Jul 2016

Touring the Forts and Palaces in Jaipur, India’s Pink City

Jaipur, AKA the Pink City, sounds like it must be a fairly romantic and relaxing stop on the Rajasthan tourist trail. It is indeed pink (well, parts of it are), but it’s also a traffic choked metropolis which has seen better (and you’d imagine cleaner) days. Jaipur is home to some

10 Jun 2016

May 2016 Travel Report: A Month in North India

After a fairly quiet April, most of which was spent relaxing / writing on a paradise island in Thailand as well as a quick return to Singapore, I headed to India for what could potentially be my last big solo adventure. I started in the heat and chaos of Delhi