30 May 2017

Old Manali VS Kasol VS Dharamkot: Which Hippy Tourist Town in India is Right for You?

How happy are high, Hamlet reading hippies on holiday in Himachal Pradesh? That’s just one of many deep, existential questions you’ll find yourself mulling over while hanging out in one of north India’s hippy enclaves. But which one is best? I boldly went where dozens, possibly hundreds, of travel bloggers have

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27 Mar 2017

Two Days in Delhi: Into the Belly of the Beast

They say if you can survive in the mean streets of Old Delhi you can survive anywhere. The heat, pollution, poverty and constant noise put many people off, but the incredible historic sights make it a city not to be missed. I spent two days in Delhi during my trip

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27 Feb 2017

Gwalior Fort: The Perfect Day Trip from Agra, India

In travel, as in life, not all things are created equal. We took two separate day trips from Agra and they couldn’t have been more different. The first, to Fatehpur Sikri, was a major letdown. The popular old Mughal city was disappointing in every sense, but the trip to Gwalior

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23 Jan 2017

Hiking in the Pin Valley: One of the Best Things to Do in Spiti, India

If you’ve been following my travels in Spiti you’ll be well aware of what a scenic little corner of the world it is. Postcard worthy views stretch out in all directions from pretty much every inch of high altitude earth. One of the best things to do in Spiti is a

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11 Dec 2016

Walking from Kibber to Tashigang: One of the Best Day Hikes in Spiti, India

If you’re looking for a scenic day hike in Spiti then you won’t do much better than the walk from Kibber to Tashigang (and back again). The path takes you up over rocky hills, past a tiny village, through crops, above tiny ponds and eventually to an ancient hillside monastery

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28 Nov 2016

Hiking to Ki Monastery, Spiti: The Long Way Round

Chances are that if you’ve seen photos of Spiti, the remote, high altitude region in northern India, Ki Monastery would have caught your attention. It’s the largest monastery in Spiti, housing over 300 monks. The stacked white buildings stand out amidst the sharp serrated edges of the surrounding hills, while a

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30 Oct 2016

Tabo to Kaza via Dhankar Monastery: A Short Road Trip in Spiti, India

My first stop in Spiti (after a week in the equally awesome Kinnaur region) was Tabo, a midget of a town surrounded by rocky cliffs and distant snow-capped mountains. I arrived on a bus from Nako, an ancient village in the bordering Kinnaur province, and it was a rugged ride.

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13 Oct 2016

Walking Through the Ancient Lanes of Nako, a Small Village in the Indian Himalayas

If you’re travelling from Reckong Peo to Spiti you’ll pass by Nako. Some people breeze right by without sampling what this little town has to offer, but that would be a big mistake. Nako is surrounded by amazing scenery (most villages in this region of Himachal Pradesh are), but it’s the traditional

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