03 Apr 2017

Pokhara, Nepal: The Perfect Place to Relax Before (or After) A Trek

I can safely assume that if you’re travelling to Nepal that a trek is high on your list of things to do. If you’re planning on trekking in the Annapurna Range you’ll most likely pass through Pokhara, a small city on the shores of Phewa Lake. Pokhara is a great

The 4 day Poon Hill Trek, Nepal
16 Feb 2016

The 4 Day Poon Hill Trek: Easy Trekking in Nepal

Are you slightly lazy, unfit or just don’t feel like walking for days on end? I’ve got good news; you don’t need to take on a massive trekking challenge in order to see the wonders of Nepal’s Himalaya region. The 4 day Poon Hill trek takes you through the stunning

Searching for rhinos in Chitwan National Park, Nepal
21 Nov 2015

Searching for Rhinos in Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Our guide was guzzling water like there was no tomorrow. I was thirsty, having severely underestimated how tiring searching for rhinos in Chitwan National Park would be. The guide started to morph into one of those good looking college kids from a Coke commercial — you know, the ads where everyone

A man carrying furniture through the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal
23 Oct 2014

Walking the Colourful Streets of Kathmandu, Nepal

The best way to get a feel for just how chaotic and colourful Kathmandu can be is by hitting the footpaths (actually there usually aren’t any, you’ll be walking on the road trying to dodge traffic while your eyes dart around looking at all the sights around you). They may

The sunrise in Sarangkot, Nepal
10 Oct 2014

A Snow-capped Sunrise in Sarangkot, Nepal

If you’re travelling to Nepal, chances are you’ll want to see the sun rise over snow covered peaks at least once.  Most people will do this on a trek, but what if trekking isn’t for you? Maybe you’ve been eating too many pizzas and are physically incapable of walking uphill

The monkey temple in Kathmandu, Nepal
03 Oct 2014

The Planet of the Apes: The Monkey Temple in Kathmandu

It took me 28 years to learn the difference between apes and monkeys. I always thought it was based on size: King Kong > gorillas > apes > monkeys. Apparently I was wrong, and it took a text book for five year old Singaporean children to teach me that. Apes don’t