backpacking in Nicaragua -- Las Isletas
16 Apr 2016

Backpacking in Nicaragua: Costs, Tips and Places to See

Why should you go backpacking in Nicaragua…? Well, this diverse Central American country is full of beautiful nature, great beaches and picturesque towns — and it also gets far fewer tourists than neighbouring Costa Rica. I spent just over a month backpacking in Nicaragua, from north to south and from

Solentiname Islands, Nicaragua
20 Dec 2015

Solentiname Islands, Nicaragua: The Art of Nature

We walked into a small wooden house where an old man in a wheelchair was painting. We inched closer and saw the burst of colour and life that was growing on the canvas — an Eden-like depiction of the main islands in the Solentiname archipelago. That man was Rodolfo Aurellano and

The Corn Islands, Nicaragua: The Caribbean on a budget
11 Sep 2015

The Corn Islands, Nicaragua: The Caribbean on a Budget

You don’t have to be rich, famous or old to enjoy a slice of Caribbean Paradise – you can find all of the fine sand, clear water and Caribbean culture you could ask for on the Corn Islands, Nicaragua. Little Corn Island Little Corn Island is the more relaxed, backpacker friendly of

28 Jun 2015

Exploring the Northern Beaches in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

This is the beach that everyone was raving about…? I could see more stones than sand. What was going on? It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone – the beach that I’d heard so much praise for turned out to be really terrible. There was a happy ending to

22 Jun 2015

Ometepe: A Magical Volcanic Island in Lake Nicaragua

Ometepe is alive. Birds sing and monkeys play, insects invade your personal space at every opportunity and fireflies sparkle in between lightning strikes that make the black sky glow. All of this life thrives under the watch of two imposing volcanoes; one a dormant relic and the other very much alive. We

El Rama to Great Corn Island: A luxury Caribbean cruise
18 Jun 2015

El Rama to Big Corn Island: A Luxury 2 Day Caribbean Cruise (or not…)

Cruising the Caribbean; it’s the stuff of dreams for old ladies and young men alike. The lure of crystal clear lagoons and historic shipwrecks brought me to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, where I hoped to sail in style from El Rama to Big Corn Island. Join me on this luxurious adventure.

12 Jun 2015

Granada, Nicaragua: Where History and Nature Collide

Granada, the oldest Spanish colonial town in the Americas (that still remains), is bursting with history, culture and nature. From narrow streets full of bright buildings to the impressive churches and peaceful courtyard sanctuaries, it’s one of the more interesting colonial towns in Central America. Throw in some day trips