05 Aug 2015

A Quick Taste of Medellin, Colombia

You might be thinking, after reading the title, that this post is all about eating in Medellin. You’re wrong – I don’t think writing about our foodie adventures at KFC, Domino’s and Subway would make for interesting reading. Despite our unadventurous eating habits in Medellin, we did get to taste a

Barichara to Guane, Hiking in the stunning Colombian countryside
27 Jul 2015

Barichara to Guane: Hiking in the Stunning Colombian Countryside

So far Latin America has been a pulsating mix of crowded colonial towns, beautiful beaches and amazing natural wonders. I can now add serene Colombian countryside to that list; the recent walk we did from Barichara to Guane, in the Santander region of Colombia, has been one of the highlights