06 May 2018

Searching for the Best Beaches near Kuta, Lombok (Indonesia)

Despite being so close to Bali, Lombok sees a fraction of the tourist traffic of its famous friend. We headed to Lombok in search of great beaches and a relaxing resort stay on our recent honeymoon in Indonesia. Where are the best beaches near Kuta, Lombok? Keep reading to find

Things to do in Seminyak, Bali
30 Apr 2018

Things to Do in Seminyak, Bali: Beach Bars, Sunsets and Day Trips

Seminyak is one of Bali’s most stylish beachside suburbs, featuring buzzing beach clubs, top-class restaurants and all the shopping you could ever dream of. I wouldn’t advise spending too long there, but it’s the perfect place to stay for a couple of days when you first arrive in Bali. We

Best things to do in Bangkok, Thailand
08 Mar 2018

The Best Things to Do in Bangkok, Thailand: Two Days in the Big City

I’ve been to Bangkok many times in the last few years and have grown to appreciate it more each time. You’ll pass through it if you’re spending any kind of time in Thailand / Southeast Asia and it’s also a worthy destination in its own right. I think two days

14 Dec 2017

A Day Trip to Malacca, Malaysia: 9 Things to See and Do

I’ll start this post by saying Malacca deserves more than just a day trip, but sometimes in life a day is all you can spare. While writing this I’m watching day four of a cricket test match (after also watching the first three days), so clearly that doesn’t apply to

04 Oct 2017

The Best Things to Do on Don Det, My Favourite Place on Earth (so far)

What’s your favourite place on Earth? That was a question I was asked recently as part of a game for Gia’s hen’s night (I’m getting married in a week!). I’d never had to choose my “favourite” place before, but Don Det, a small Mekong River island in Laos, quickly came

Backpacking in Vietnam
28 Sep 2017

Backpacking in Vietnam: Costs, Tips and Places to See

I still remember a time when I had mostly negative feelings towards Vietnam. It was one of the first countries I travelled to and it left me a bit cold compared to the experiences I had in neighbouring countries. That all changed when I spent roughly four months there last

Things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam
20 Sep 2017

10 Things to Do in Hanoi: Two Days in Vietnam’s Capital

Despite there being some decent things to do in Hanoi, it’s more of a place to pass through than a destination in itself. It’s the gateway to northern Vietnam, which is one of the most beautiful regions of Southeast Asia, and spending one or two days in Hanoi before moving

The Mui Ne sand dunes tour, Vietnam
01 Aug 2017

What Is the Mui Ne Sand Dunes Tour Really Like?

Can the $4 Mui Ne sand dunes tour in Vietnam really be any good? At that price I felt it was worth investigating further, so off we headed to a busy stretch of coastline just north of Saigon to see the (not quite) world famous sand dunes near Mui Ne.