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Why Everyone Should Travel with a Guitar

This post was written by my travel alter ego. Read this interview to find out who he is and why I created him.

As you know by now, I am of the opinion that image plays a huge role in defining us as travellers. If we go quietly about our work and don’t take every opportunity to show people how awesome we are, how will anyone know? It’s not good enough to simply be cool these days – ramming it down people’s throats is the true path to success. If you see a guy playing (and singing) Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” don’t you just well up with emotion? Don’t you look at that edgy but down to Earth guy singing and wish you were more like him? Well, you can be, and when you are bedding hot German backpackers because of your heart warming covers you’ll thank me, and all the thanks and praise that I get fuels me like nothing else.

Learn some songs

It’s not simply enough to travel with a guitar; you should probably learn to play it as well. You don’t need to learn face melting solos, just a carefully selected arsenal of songs that’ll portray your sensitivity, free spirit and dash of danger. You want them to be wondering just who you are, and what better way to portray that than through the words of others (Warning: Don’t try and sing your own songs – they’ll almost always be shit and will lose any credibility you might have had).

Here’s a list of songs you should learn:

Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A-Changin’

Bob Marley – Redemption Song/No Woman No Cry

The Eagles – Hotel California

Anything by Coldplay

A riskier move – sing something by Adele, or an acoustic cover of a Katy Perry/Rihanna song – it could backfire, but if you pull it off you’ll be loved by all.

Timing is everything

Once you have the guitar and know how to play it, you should think about timing. You can’t get the guitar out too early – anything pre sunset is a little premature; you need the atmosphere that only darkness can bring. You also can’t leave it too late or else the fire dancers will overshadow your performance. Another important aspect is picking your crowd. If the only people around are that family with young children and the creepy old French guy who just finished frying in the sun for 10 hours, you’ll want to hold off until some people arrive that are worthy of your attempts to impress them. Timing really is key, because chances are you’ll only have learnt 2 or 3 songs and you can’t really repeat them, so you have to make them count!

There you have it, a simple tip to make you seem way cooler in the eyes of your fellow travellers. Stay tuned for more fun tips!

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