A week Java itinerary:
28 Nov 2013

Java Itinerary: A Week Exploring the Temples and Volcanoes of Java, Indonesia

Everyone knows about Bali, that iconic tourist island in Indonesia, but escape to one of the islands nearby and you’ll have a far different travel experience. I spent a week in Java, starting in Jogjakarta and journeying to some stunning volcanoes and ancient temples. Looking for a one week Java

Lake toba, one of the highlights of Southeast Asia
06 Nov 2013

A Trip to Lake Toba: One of the Best Places to Relax in Southeast Asia

I’d heard it was quiet, that tourism died in Lake Toba a long time ago, but I was still surprised by how quiet it really was. I went from one end of  Tuk Tuk to the other, around a 40 minute walk, and saw three other western tourists and about