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10 of the Best Things to Do in Jervis Bay, Australia

10 of the Best Things to Do in Jervis Bay, Australia

Jervis Bay is around three hours south of Sydney and is one of the best beach destinations in New South Wales (and Australia in general). There are heaps of beaches to check out, some great wildlife spotting opportunities and a few good short walks. Keep reading to find out some of the best things to do in Jervis Bay!

Go to Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach is the most iconic of the beaches in Jervis Bay, and it’s not overrated at all. It’s a long stretch of sand and while it gets crowded close to the carpark, you’ll easily find a spot for yourself further along. There’s a café nearby but there isn’t a lot of development at Hyams Beach – head to Huskisson if you prefer your beaches to be a little closer to food options, bars etc.

See Some Other Beaches

Hyams Beach is just one of maybe a dozen or so excellent beaches (and some more that aren’t quite as good) in Jervis Bay. There are heaps of options, including Chinamans Beach (right next to Hyams Beach) and the beaches of Booderee National Park. There isn’t much to separate most of these beaches in terms of beauty, so it doesn’t really matter which ones you end up at.

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See a Kangaroo

If you’re an Australian this one probably doesn’t apply to you, but for the rest of us it’s always cool to see a kangaroo, or another unique Australian animal, in the wild. If you want your first sighting of a kangaroo to be a positive one, try not to look too closely at the side of highways! We saw kangaroos in Booderee National Park and close to Point Perpendicular Lighthouse.

Do the White Sands Walk

One of my favourite things to do in Jervis Bay is the White Sands Walk. This walk should take a couple of hours and connects some of the best beaches in Jervis Bay, including Hyams Beach, Chinamans Beach and Nelsons Beach. There are some great views along the way but not much in the way of amenities (a little ice-cream shop somewhere along the way would be great!).

Hang Out in Huskisson

If you’re spending a few days in Jervis Bay you’ll most likely need some time to unwind in a nice bar, café or restaurant and Huskisson has you covered. There are heaps of places to eat and drink and it’s nice to sit down by the river. It’s a compact little town and there are some beaches within walking distance, including Shark Net Beach and Huskisson Beach.

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Explore Booderee National Park

Most of the beaches in Jervis Bay are fairly undeveloped, but Booderee National Park takes that to another level. The beaches there are stunning and there are a few other places to explore too, including Booderee Botanic Gardens, Cape St George Lighthouse and some of the ocean-facing beaches (the walk to Steamers Beach is a highlight).

Head Out on the Water

Jervis Bay is an awesome place to see dolphins, and if you time your visit right (between May and November) you’ll be able to see whales as well. We did a dolphin spotting tour and it was a lot of fun – we saw dozens of dolphins dancing around in the boat in front of us, and we also did some boom netting, which was an interesting experience.

Swim at Moona Moona Creek

If you’re looking for a nice swimming spot close to Huskisson, make sure to check out Moona Moona Creek. It’s a short walk from town and it’s a stunning spot. It separates two long stretches of beach and the water is so clear – visit even if you’re not up for a swim.

Fun things to do in Huskisson, Jervis Bay

Spot Some of the Local Birds

You’ll see colourful birds hanging out in the trees near Huskisson (on the track towards Moona Moona Creek) and probably some kookaburras on the white sands walk.

Point Perpendicular Lighthouse

The northern end of Jervis Bay doesn’t get nearly as much love as the area closer to Huskisson, so we drove all the way out to Point Perpendicular Lighthouse to see what the deal was. We stopped off at a few beaches along the way but they weren’t quite as nice as the others we’d seen. The lighthouse was cool though – not entirely sure if it’s worth the drive out there but it might be for you.

Where to Stay in Jervis Bay

I’d recommend staying in Huskisson if you can, or at one of the nearby towns (we stayed in Sanctuary Point, which was good, although a little more “local” than Huskisson). You can also stay close to Hyams Beach, although there isn’t much in the way of food options out there. If you don’t have a car, stay in Huskisson. You could easily spend a couple of days just hanging out in town, and the beaches close to town, as well as the tours available from there. If staying elsewhere, a car would be a good idea.

Getting There

Jervis Bay is easy to get to from Sydney. It’ll take you around 2.5 – 3 hours to drive there and there are plenty of places to stop along the way. You can also take a train to Nowra and then a bus from there.

Are you planning a trip to Jervis Bay? Let me know in the comments below!

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