12 Sep 2016

The Colourful Lakes of Southern Bolivia

We visited several surreal lakes during the three day “salt flat” tour between Uyuni and the Chilean border. The flamingos and dramatic surrounding scenery added to the mystery and beauty of these colourful little lakes — here are lots of photos (and some words) from one of the most unique regions of South

Uyuni salt flat tour, Bolivia
15 Dec 2015

The Uyuni Salt Flat Tour: The Surreal South of Bolivia

It was freezing, the days were long, our driver was annoying and the food made me sick. Despite all that, it was one of the highlights of my time in South America, as the breathtaking scenery more than made up for all the hardships. Here’s a quick look at what we

Cusco to La Paz - leaving Cusco
25 Nov 2015

Cusco to La Paz: Crossing the Border between Peru and Bolivia via Lake Titicaca

I was sad to be leaving Cusco. We spent around a week in and around this awesome city, visiting Inca ruins, grand Spanish churches, rugged mountain scenery and, of course, Machu Picchu. We then hopped on a bus headed for Bolivia – here’s everything you need to know about the

Sucre, a beautiful colonial city in Bolivia
27 Oct 2015

Sucre: A Stunning Colonial City in Bolivia

Canned laughter reverberates through the halls of a hostel in Santiago; the constant “every line is a joke” dialogue and resulting fake laughter of The Big Bang Theory is making it hard to focus on writing this post about Sucre. It does get me thinking though…does having a studio audience

Hiking Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
17 Oct 2015

Hiking Isla del Sol, Bolivia: Ruins, Beaches and Mountains

If you’re an illiterate person scrolling my site “just looking at the pictures”, you’d be forgiven for thinking this article is about a paradise island in the Mediterranean. There are white sand beaches, ancient ruins and contrasting shades of blue water – things you don’t necessarily expect from an island in a