Travel skills you might need on your next trip
27 May 2020

7 Travel Skills You Might Need on Your Next Trip

The ability to sleep anywhere If you’re travelling on a budget you’ll quickly realise that soft, comfortable beds with plenty of pillows and blankets aren’t all that common. You’ll sleep in beds that feel like park benches and stay in rooms that should be labelled as saunas. At the other

08 Aug 2018

10 Travel Tips You Never Knew You Needed

The same old travel tips get passed around the internet in a continual loop — but what if you already know how to book a flight (pro tip — use the internet) or that you need to stop buying barista made coffee when saving for a trip? Over the last

22 Mar 2018

8 of the Most Uncomfortable Forms of Travel Transport

After browsing websites like this you’d be forgiven for thinking that travelling is always a fun, rainbow-filled experience devoid of misfortune and discomfort. Obviously that’s not the case, as you’ll find out when taking one of the uncomfortable forms of travel transport listed below! Camels What could be better than

18 Apr 2015

How to Stop Leaving Your Things in Hotel Rooms

I have a confession to make. My name is Jon and I’m addicted to leaving my things in hotel rooms. I do have good news though – I haven’t done it in over a month now and my sponsor (Gia) thinks I have a great chance of finally overcoming this

06 Apr 2015

How to See the Real (Insert Country Here)

It seems like most people who travel to exotic countries aren’t actually seeing the “real” version – it turns out most Mexicans don’t lie around on beaches all day and most Moroccans don’t ride camels – but how do you get past the tourist facade and into the heart of

These 5 easy steps will teach you how to travel
16 Mar 2015

How to Travel (In 5 Completely Obvious Steps)

I’ve noticed a lot of travel bloggers writing posts about how to do seemingly easy things, like “How to Book a Cheap Flight”, “How to Quit Your Job” and “How to Plan a Trip”. I always assumed people knew how to do these things, but maybe I’ve been overestimating my

04 Feb 2015

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Taxi Drivers

Sitting in the back seat of a taxi in Fez, Morocco, I knew we were about to be scammed. We had already negotiated a price, but sure enough, about 10 minutes into the ride he informed us that he was going to drop us off way outside of the medina,

The art of sleeping at airports
15 Dec 2014

The Art of Sleeping at Airports

A great way to save money while travelling is by sleeping at the occasional airport. Here are some tips on how to make it a little more bearable.