A Day in the Life of a Stuck at Home Travel Blogger

You probably think that being a travel blogger is the most exciting (and easy) job in the world. I can confirm that it is easy but it definitely isn’t always exciting, especially when you’re stuck at home and haven’t travelled overseas for over a year. So, grab a coffee, curl up on the couch and get the tissues ready — this is the tragic story of a stuck at home travel blogger.

Breakfast at Jon’s

Ok, so this probably isn’t such a tragic tale. I (mostly) enjoy being a travel blogger who has temporarily stopped travelling. With no set schedule or shrill alarm waking me up in the morning I’m free to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Some days that means I’ll watch cricket on TV for the whole day (sometimes for five days straight) and others I’ll go out and do a hike or a drive somewhere I’ve never been before (I’m lucky enough to live in Dunedin, so there lots of options). I’ll often spend most of the day writing posts or editing photos, but sometimes a friend will come around and we’ll play Pro Evolution Soccer on the PlayStation for hours on end. Sometimes I won’t feel like working at all and I’ll watch movies all day (and try to convince my wife to take a sick day so she can join me).

You can’t beat watching cricket, whether it’s at the ground or at home

Today I’ll need to work. I’m lying in bed writing this at 8.40 am — soon I’ll get up and have some breakfast and do several other exciting things so I’ll have more to write about.

Occasionally I'll get up and watch the sunrise from the deck outside our room

Working 9 to 5 (with lots of breaks)

What is “Travel blog work”? Basically it involves replying to emails (generally random marketers trying to lowball me on sponsored posts), doing social media stuff (mostly Pinterest these days), writing, editing, checking facts, doing SEO (search engine optimization), replying to comments and reading through travel blogging Facebook groups to stay in touch with the industry. It’s also anxiously checking your stats every few hours and getting down / happy depending on the results. At least that’s what I used to do — I finally learnt that no good comes of that. The most fun part of my “job” involves going out and doing hikes and visiting beaches and viewpoints for my other blog, It’s in its infancy but I hope it’ll pay its own way eventually!

FURTHER READING: Check out my other blog,

Last week's walk -- beautiful view above Dunedin's suburban beaches

Today I’m writing this post, adding photos to another few posts and generally tidying things up in preparation for my trip. Yes, today I maybe a lowly stuck at home travel blogger, but tomorrow I travel. They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom.

He works out too much

Being a stuck at home travel blogger gives me the opportunity to stay in shape, allowing me to pose for shirtless photos on Instagram complete with sickly inspirational quotes about why travelling, preferably shirtless, is akin to touching god. It’s also just good to be fit. I’m not getting any younger (not until that experimental stem cell procedure finally starts working) and at 33 it becomes more about health than vanity.

I always make sure I have lunch with my wife Gia, whose office is only 10 minutes walk away. Sometimes we meet in town but usually she’ll come home. 

My face after walking uphill for 3 hours

The Jonistravelling Keyboard, Guitar and Bongo Band

The downside to turning your hobby into a job is that in some ways you lose your hobby. Just doing something for the love of it, with no expectation of money or success is a wonderful thing. Being a stuck at home travel blogger gives you the chance to see if you have any hidden talents. I started learning the guitar and keyboard in hopes of writing a song. So far, so talentless, but I’ll at least be able to say I tried.

I play most days and the more you play the more fun it becomes (and the less sore your fingers get). If you’re reading this and have any ambitions to learn a musical instrument go out and buy one today!

The View from the Afternoon

I’m not usually as productive in the afternoons and often end up listening to / playing music or writing something that isn’t travel related. Sometimes I’ll have a nap. Today I’m in full work mode — I need to get both my blogs “ahead” so I won’t have to do much work on the road. At one point I had 30 finished posts ready to publish, which meant I barely had to work for 4 months. After today I’ll have three for this blog and 7 for — getting ahead is hard to do!

When the clock strikes 5 I close my laptop, put on The Chase (a game show) and relax. Job done for another day. Tomorrow I fly to Auckland, then Bali for a two week honeymoon. After that I’ll stay in Indonesia for another two weeks then fly to India where I’ll explore some of the northeastern states. My days are about to get a lot more exciting!

I’m excited to be going back to Indonesia!

Do you want to become a travel blogger? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jon Algie

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  1. Alex
    December 5, 2019 at 2:09 pm — Reply

    Good on you Jon. You tell the truth just like it is and that’s what we need more of on the internet. I hope you get what you want in life.

    • December 15, 2019 at 9:33 pm — Reply

      Thanks Alex, I definitely can’t complain!

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