31 Oct 2019

14 Annoying First World Travel Problems

This is a big update to a post I wrote all the way back in 2014. Travel isn’t all fun and games — first world travel problems are a big thing! Keep reading for a look at some of the (minor) things that can go wrong on the road.  You

10 Apr 2018

A Day in the Life of a Stuck at Home Travel Blogger

You probably think that being a travel blogger is the most exciting (and easy) job in the world. I can confirm that it is easy but it definitely isn’t always exciting, especially when you’re stuck at home and haven’t travelled overseas for over a year. So, grab a coffee, curl

Things to do on Mars
01 May 2016

The Top 6 Things to Do on Mars (and a bit of a rant)

I know what you’re thinking…how did you get the time to visit Mars, and perhaps more unbelievably, how did you pass the strict physical and psychological tests given to astronauts? I’m going to let you in on a little travel blogging trade secret: I didn’t go to Mars, just like

20 Sep 2015

9 Lessons I Probably Should Have Learnt While Travelling the World

I’ve started feeling self conscious lately, both as a traveller and a blogger. So many others are writing about how much they’ve learnt while travelling and how much the experience has changed them. What have I learnt? Well, I did learn how to snorkel, and to explain, in Spanish, how

30 Jun 2015

Is There Really a Right Way to Travel?

Do some people have better experiences than others while travelling? Do certain travel styles make our trips more meaningful and authentic? A lot of people seem to think so, so I decided to investigate. I’ll give you my opinion on some common travel styles and then tell you why I

05 Jun 2015

Have I Become a Beach Snob? (And the Danger of Comparisons)

“The water isn’t quite as blue as I was expecting”. “Why is there so much seaweed”? “There are too many rocks in the water; swimming would be hard”. These are some of the thoughts I had recently while exploring the beaches of Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. Don’t get me wrong,

What is long term travel really like?
18 May 2015

What is Long-Term Travel Really Like?

If you’re to believe the masses of articles and posts on long-term travel you could be forgiven for thinking that sliced bread has finally been overtaken as the most awesome thing ever. Is it really that great? Let’s find out… It’s Hot Most long-term travellers eventually wind up in the

06 Apr 2015

How to See the Real (Insert Country Here)

It seems like most people who travel to exotic countries aren’t actually seeing the “real” version – it turns out most Mexicans don’t lie around on beaches all day and most Moroccans don’t ride camels – but how do you get past the tourist facade and into the heart of