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10 Fictional Film Planets I Would Love to Travel to

10 Fictional Film Planets I Would Love to Travel to

I think I was born too early. In 1000 years there will probably be someone just like me, reading a Lonely Galaxy guidebook and planning a galactic trip to remote planets. Until then I have to rely on movies to explore other worlds. Here are some fictional film planets that would be at the top of my space-travel list.

Fhloston (or Fhloston Paradise):The Fifth Element (1997)

Looking more like a Pacific island cruise destination than an alien planet, Fhloston looks like the ideal getaway from the annoyances of everyday life, that is unless you are situated in the vicinity of Ruby Rhod, the most over-the-top radio DJ known to man.  Fhloston apparently has 400 beaches (not many for a whole planet) and if you are lucky you could see a weird, blue alien singing opera.

Fhloston Paradise from the Fifth Element

Nibiru: Star Trek into Darkness (2013)

Not much is known about this planet, or its inhabitants, but it has red trees and a big volcano, so it looks like a decent place to visit. The downsides are that the primitive residents probably wouldn’t understand anything you say and your iPhone might spark a technological revolution – small prices to pay to see something new I guess.

Nibiru from Star Trek Enter Darkness

Naboo: Star Wars Episodes 1, 2 and 3 (1999-2005)

This is where Darth Vader and Natalie Portman fell in love, and is also the home to Jamaican Alien Jar Jar Binks. There is a lot of variety on Naboo and it has some interesting cultural elements, not to mention an impressive underwater city, but the fact that Natalie Portman leads this planet should be enough for most people.

Naboo from Star Wars

Asgard:  Thor (2011), Thor the Dark World (2013)

I’m not sure if this is technically a planet, but they seem to go through space to get there so it counts for me. The Asgardians live for 5000 years and have built some amazing structures, but they see themselves as above humans, which might bring high-minded travellers down a notch or two.

Asgard from the Thor movies

Pandora: Avatar (2009)

If only humans weren’t so greedy, this place would be great to travel to. So many cool animals, an interesting culture and some amazing nature await those who don’t get caught up in the revenge killings that would likely take place after the events of the movie.

Pandora from Avatar

Oa: The Green Lantern (2011)

The Green Lantern wasn’t a great film, but Oa looks pretty awesome. You might not fit in if you don’t have a magical green ring, and once again the locals will look down on lowly human tourists; that magical cultural exchange that people talk about won’t really appeal to the worldly residents of Oa. Instead, head to Oa for great architecture and some intense superhero training.

Oa from Green Lantern

Mongo: Flash Gordon (1980)

For those who like a little danger and excitement while travelling, Mongo, and particularly it’s feared leader, Ming the Merciless, should provide plenty of it. Keeping in Ming’s good books would be key to a positive experience on Mongo. Another way would be befriending the hawk men, who would offer the traveller relative safety and cheap (or free) transport.

Mongo from Flash Gordon

Krypton: Various Superman movies

Krypton looks like an interesting planet filled with great culture, just make sure you visit before its inevitable destruction. We all know the only reason Superman came to Earth is because of his home planet’s destruction, but you might just have time to visit before the next franchise reboot.

Krypton being destroyed in Man of Steel

Barsoom (Mars): John Carter (2012)

OK, Mars does actually exist, but not like this. Barsoom, or Mars (this could be a lot like the Myanmar/Burma name conflict) is full of weird looking aliens and warring factions, but if you can stay out of trouble there is so much to see. Also, people always say places that the world perceives as dangerous are actually filled with the friendliest people on Earth, so maybe the same will be true for Barsoom (Mars).

Barsoom, Mars from John Carter

The planet at the other end of the stargate: Stargate (1994)

I haven’t been to Egypt yet, but I’ve heard it’s a real hassle to travel in. Constant touts and crazy traffic seem to await travellers to Egypt (Cairo in particular, I think), but what if you could see pyramids, Egyptian-like culture and a beautiful desert without the hassle. This planet (I don’t recall it having a name) offers up all of that, just stay clear of the god/alien Ra, he seems like bad news.

Stargate movie pyramid

Which fictional film planets would you visit if you had the chance? Leave a comment!

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Jon Algie

A travel blogger from New Zealand who hates talking about himself in the third person and has no imagination when it comes to naming websites.

Madeleine Giorgio

Thursday 20th of February 2014

I'd love to visit Asgard and Pandora that's for sure.

Jon Algie

Saturday 17th of May 2014

You'd better be on the blue aliens' side if you go to Pandora!


Wednesday 19th of February 2014

HA! Geek alert! Good post, found it entertaining. I think all are better than landing on Planet of the Apes. My favorite film planets are wherever Jane Fonda went in Barbarella -who knew she was so hot when she was young. That film has become something of a classic. Good job, Frank (bbqboy)

Jon Algie

Wednesday 19th of February 2014

Haha yeah, a young Jane Fonda makes that planet look pretty appealing, the rest of it is pretty grim though!