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The Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali

The Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali

I’m taking a risk by sitting here. I’m in the Sacred Monkey Forest in Bali and I’m waiting around for some monkeys to cause trouble. Like a war photographer, I’m waiting to capture that perfectly shocking moment while myself being on the front lines. I want someone to get mugged by a monkey.

The Sacred Monkey Forest

I’ve got plenty of time, and I figured writing a post on the scene would be more fun than in a cafe days later. Monkeys love phones though, and I’m constantly checking around for thieves coming up behind me. So far no muggings, I’ll find a new spot.

What is the Monkey Forest

These monkeys are well behaved today! I’ve been here twice before and have seen lots of monkey attacks. OK, attacks maybe a bit strong, but when a monkey jumps on an unsuspecting human, that’s exactly what it looks like. I’ve seen them steal sunglasses and even rip a (clip on) airing out of a horrified woman’s ear.

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The Sacred Monkey Forest is exactly as described in the title. It’s a forest, with a collection of temples and shrines, in small forest right in the heart of Ubud. You can walk around for about half an hour and see heaps of monkeys. Monkeys are some of the most entertaining creatures on Earth and its fun just to hang around and watch them interact with each other. It’s even more fun to see the cause panic in humans, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Still though, seeing monkeys playing, fighting and caring for each other always brings a smile to the face. Bring your new partner, and if they’re bored and expressionless the whole time then question everything about them (especially if you’re planning on having kids).

Highlights of 3 years in Southeast Asia

Monkey on Human Violence

Success! I went for one more lap around the rough part of town and saw some action. First, someone trying to take a photo up close got a shock when the monkey lunged at his camera. Then a woman with a backpack received some extra weight, in the form of a monkey. It was trying pretty hard to get into the bag — must have been some bananas in there!

Near the exit I saw the ideal motorbike-jacking spot, manned by some monkeys who looked like they were planning an attack — maybe they were waiting for night-time.

I survived unscathed, with a couple of decent photos to show for it. Stay tuned for more on the scene reporting from my 2022 trip to Indonesia — it’s good to finally feel like an international travel blogger again!

The Details

The Sacred Monkey Forest is located in the heart of Ubud and is an easy place to visit while walking around town. It costs a few dollars to enter and takes an hour or so to wander around slowly. 

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