Here at, I aim to bring you travel tips that you might not have seen anywhere else, travel tips you never knew you needed but which might just come in handy on the road. Who needs another tip on how to stop drinking coffee in order to save for your trip, wouldn’t you rather sell your virginity on the internet instead? Keep reading for an overview of my favourite travel tips, and click on any photos that arouse your interest!

Warning: A lot of these tips aren’t particularly serious, so don’t be too offended!

We’ll start off at the beginning, because it recently came to my attention that a lot of you might not know how to do simple things like choose a destination, organise a visa and book a flight. This isn’t one of my most serious tips, so be warned of the sarcasm ahead… click here (or the photo) to read more about it.

How to travel - part of a series of travel tips you never knew you needed

Now that you know how to travel, you’d better start saving for your trip. You could sell your things, stop partying and move back in with your parents, but wouldn’t it be much more fun to cure cancer or come up with a devious (and maybe even illegal) scam? I knew you’d say yes, so keep reading for more tips on how to save for your trip.

Ways to save for your trip - one of many travel tips you never knew you needed

You’ve just arrived in a strange new country and have no idea how to get around without speaking the local language. Do you panic? Well, assuming you’ve read these tips, including the best one of all – “just talk louder and get angry”, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Check out the full post here.

6 travel tips on how to survive without knowing the local language

Another piece of valuable first up travelling advice is how to avoid getting ripped off by taxi drivers. It’s something that happens a lot, but it won’t happen to you after reading these tips!

travel tips - how to avoid getting ripped off by taxi drivers

Getting murdered is probably the worst thing that can happen on your trip, but I haven’t seen any other articles which focus on safety tips for men – women seem to be getting all the safety advice! I aimed to even up the ledger slightly, with tips including “Don’t mistake cocaine for heroin” and “Don’t travel with a girlfriend who makes you pay for everything”. Click here for more.

travel tips for men's safety

If being murdered is the worst thing that can happen on your trip, not too far behind would have to be getting really sick on the road. Your best defense is probably to “get spiritual” and meditate away the diseases, but keep reading for some other great tips.

travel tips on how to stay healthy

Once you’ve been on the road for a while you’ll start to consider sleeping at the occasional airport. I’ve done it a few times which makes me an expert on the subject, so follow my advice if you want to sleep at airports successfully.

travel tips on sleeping at airports

By this stage you probably think you’re a travel expert, but find out what these celebrities can teach you about travel, because you’re never too wise to learn!

travel tips by annoying celebrities

What’s the point in travelling if you can’t make people jealous! The easiest way to do this is to take great photos (or just edit bad ones to within an inch of their lives) and flood social media with them. Sound good? Check out exactly how to do it

travel tips about how to make people jealous with your photos

And last but not least, my tips on how to be a real traveller. You might have been travelling for years and still come across as nothing more than a tourist, so you’d better start cultivating a “real traveller” image!

travel tips - how to be a real travellerI hope you enjoyed my list of travel tips you never knew you needed – let me know if there are any more that you think I’ve missed.

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