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Where Are the Best Beaches in Senggigi, Lombok?

Where Are the Best Beaches in Senggigi, Lombok?

Senggigi is the closest tourist town to the Gili Islands, and it sees a steady stream of tourists either passing through or spending a while to check out the beaches, stay at a flash resort or learn to surf. Where are the best beaches in Senggigi though? And where are the best areas to stay? You’re about to find out!

Senggigi Beach

I’ll start with the closest beach to the actual town, Senggigi Beach, which also happens to be one of the worst (there are definitely better beaches in the area, keep reading to find out). It’s rough around the edges (or all the way through if you’re being harsh) and I definitely wouldn’t want to swim there. 

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There are heaps of places to eat, sleep and drink nearby, and if you’re only in Senggigi for a night or two on the way somewhere else it’s a decent place to stay.

Nipah Beach

Nipah Beach is in my opinion the best beach in Senggigi. It has the palm trees, the white sand and the clear blue water you’d want from a tropical beach paradise.

There are lots of warungs right by the beach, which seem to be aimed at weekending locals. I visited on a quiet weekday and pretty much had it all to myself! There are a few places to stay just across the road from the beach — it could be a good option if you’re after a relaxing few days by the beach (you’ll need transport to get in and out of town though).

I love a good beach view from above,  and Nipah Beach is perfect for that. Nipah Hill has great views on both sides — Nipah Beach on the left and the three Gili Islands on the right.

Malimbu Beach

Malimbu Beach is my second favourite beach in Senggigi. It was completely deserted when I was there but visit on a weekend and the vibe would be very different.

The water is a bit rougher and the beach stretches for miles — a good spot for a walk!

Again, the view of Malimbu Beach from above is one of the highlights. The Ghost Villa, as it’s known locally, is the spot to go, and I’ve heard it’s one of the best places to watch the sunset in Senggigi. The guy who was having it built died before it was completed and it now sits in ruin. Surely someone will finish it one day.

Kecinan Beach

Kecinan Beach is close to Bangsal, and some boats leave from there going to the Gilis. The part with all the boats isn’t somewhere you’d want to linger (a typical “port” area), but to the left of that is a nice bit of beach complete with a swing for maximum photo impact.

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Pandanan Beach

This beach looks similar to Kecinan Beach and would be a good spot to grab a bite to eat. I visited early in the morning and it was very quiet and kind of idyllic – not quite on the same level as the top two (Nipah and Malimbu) but a good beach all the same.

Klui Beach

Klui Beach is very close to Senggigi and seems like a decent place to stay if you want to avoid the bustle of town. The beach is very similar to others nearby — nothing too special and nowhere near as good as Nipah Beach or Malimbu Beach — that’s a tough standard to meet though so don’t judge it too harshly!

Batu Bulong Beach

This beach is walkable from Senggigi and has one distinguishing feature: a temple on a small cliff above the beach. Aside from that it’s a pretty average black sand beach with a few places to eat — a busy spot on weekends I’m sure.

Other Beaches in Senggigi

South of Senggigi, there are a few black sand beaches that aren’t especially interesting for foreign tourists. These include Montong, Tanjung Bias and Hilal beaches. I visited a couple of these and they weren’t anything special. I also visited Mentigi Beach which is close to Bangsal — it was OK but not as good as the other ones nearby.

So, Where Are the Best Beaches in Senggigi?

The clear favourites, for me at least, are Nipah Beach and Malimbu Beach. If you can stay at a resort close to one of those you should sorted, but they’re worth visiting on a day trip from town too. The main beach in Senggigi is pretty rough, but you can say that of most town beaches in Indonesia.

If you’re looking for a truly world-class best destination that’s very close to Senggigi, head for the Gili Islands. It’s a special place (I’ve been there three times now) and could be one of your Indonesia highlights.

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