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Why is Bali so Popular?

Why is Bali so Popular?

With Southeast Asia finally opening up, planning a trip to Bali has now become a genuine option for the first time in two years. But why would you want to go to Bali? What draws so many tourists – and so many types of tourists – to the “Island of the Gods? Why is Bali so popular? You’re about to find out!

Bali is for Everyone

The main reason Bali is so popular is that it’s the perfect destination for so many types of trips. There’s something for everyone in Bali. Honeymooners will love the rice terraces, fancy villas and the food scene. There aren’t many places in the world that are better for a “lots of drinking and eating” type of trip with friends, and if you’re looking for adventure, solitude, stunning hikes, culture or anything else in a travel destination, you’ll find it in Bali.

It’s Unique

Bali as a tourist destination is unique. The local culture (which is different to other parts of Indonesia) is a big reason behind this. The architecture, food, arts scene and general vibe of Bali is special – you just might not see it if you’re always either drunk or hungover in Kuta!

It’s Small

One thing I love about Bali is that it’s an easy place to explore. You could rent a villa for a week or two and do day trips to all kinds of places, including volcanoes, rice terraces, beaches, waterfalls and temples. You’ll never run out of things to do, and it’s nice not to have to pack up your bags and move hotels every few days. No long bus rides is definitely a selling point of a trip to Bali!

It’s the Gateway to Indonesia

Bali is an easy place to visit and is geared towards tourism in a massive way. That isn’t the case for many nearby islands though, and if you’re looking to add some adventure to your trip by visiting another island it’s very easy to do. You could take a boat to the Gili Islands (kind of like a budget version of the Maldives) or go a little further and search for Komodo dragons (Komodo Islands) and volcanoes and quiet beaches in Flores.

Komodo National Park tour, Indonesia: A large komodo dragonKanawa Island, near Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia

You’ve also got Java (ancient temples, volcanoes) nearby as well as Lombok, Sumbawa and many others. You can also fly all over Indonesia from Bali – the flights are generally short and there’s so much choice (Indonesia has 17,000 islands after all).

It’s Affordable

Bali is a far cheaper place to travel than pretty much anywhere in the West. Hotels, food, drinks and activities are all very affordable, and if you’re after a bit more luxury you’ll find it at great prices. If you’re on a budget you can find decent private rooms for like $15 (probably less). Alcohol is also cheap – be careful though as a few people have died from ethanol poisoning after drinking locally made spirits (if drinking spirits make sure it’s the good stuff!).

It’s Fun

Probably the biggest reason Bali is so popular is that’s a fun place to travel. There’s heaps to do, the locals are generally friendly (with some good banter in the touristy places), nightlife is great and you’ll never run out of places to explore during the days. Throw in some stunning sunsets, endless food options, heaps of boutique shops and a monkey forest (check it out in my Ubud post) and you’ve got one of the most fun, and most popular, tourist destinations in the world.

Things to do in Seminyak, Bali

Are you planning a trip to Bali in 2022? Let me know in the comments below!

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