Exploring the ruins in Lopburi, Thailand
22 Jun 2016

Exploring the Ruins in Lopburi, Thailand’s Ancient Monkey Town

You might think, after watching Planet of the Apes, that a town run by monkeys would be a relatively civilized and peaceful place. The reality couldn’t be further from the myth. The monkeys in Lopburi constantly scrap amongst themselves, make love (probably not the right expression) on rooftops and harass

Koh Kood, the most beautiful island in Thailand
11 Apr 2016

Koh Kood: The Most Beautiful Island in Thailand?

Don’t you hate it when travel bloggers make wild claims about something being the “best” or “most beautiful” place in wherever? Surely they haven’t been to every vegan restaurant in Paris or every island in Thailand. You’ll see that I subtly phrased my own wild claim as a question, but

01 Apr 2016

March 2016 Travel Report: Sunsets in Thailand

After a fairly relaxing February, I hit the road hard in March, travelling from the very south of Laos to the far north of Thailand. There were plenty of stops in between, and most of those stops included chances to witness some truly beautiful sunsets. Here’s a quick rundown of

Crowded island hopping in Krabi, Thailand
14 Jun 2015

Crowded Island Hopping in Krabi, Thailand

Is there anything better to do on holiday than jumping on a boat to explore pristine island paradises? I’ve done it all over Southeast Asia – so how does island hopping in Krabi rate? Really highly, as long as you don’t mind sharing the experience with a lot of other people. Here’s what

Should you go to Koh Phi Phi?
14 May 2015

Should You Go to Koh Phi Phi, Thailand?

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about Koh Phi Phi and I’m guessing most of it has been negative. Koh Phi Phi is the perfect example of a Thai island paradise gone crazy, changed forever by ruthless developers and too many tourists. So then, should you go to Koh

05 Mar 2014

The Reel Guide to Thailand: Movies Set in Thailand

Thinking of travelling to Thailand? Forget about reading long, boring books and check out these movies set in Thailand to really get a feel for the country. Only God Forgives (2013) Ryan Gosling, having decided he didn’t brood and stare intensely at things enough in Drive, decides to have another

Ubud, a great place to see monkeys in Southeast Asia
06 Jan 2014

The Best Places to See Monkeys in Southeast Asia

One of the things I love about Southeast Asia is being able to see so many monkeys. I’m not sure why I’m so interested in them (in my defense, they do kinda look like people) but I could spend hours watching them go about their lives. Here are some of

Naiharn beach in Phuket, a great place to stay if you are going to travel to Phuket
02 Jan 2014

Should You Travel to Phuket?

Phuket has a bad reputation. Travel snobs will tell you it sold out long ago, that it no longer holds any mystery or allure and that you’d be better off going to one of the lesser known islands in Thailand instead. It’s popular because it appeals to the masses. Think