02 Sep 2016

15 of the Best Ancient Temples and Ruins in Asia

For me, one of the highlights of travelling in Asia is seeing history embodied in elaborate ancient temples and ruins. Here are some of my favourite temples and ruins in Asia, including Angkor Wat, the erotic temples of Khajuraho and the ancient city of Ayutthaya. Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) Do you

The rat factor: What is the cleanest country in Southeast Asia?
17 Jul 2014

The Rat Factor: What is the Cleanest Country in Southeast Asia?

Everyone says not to judge books by their covers, but if you’re lazily looking for a quick way to review them then there really is no better way. I took the same attitude when trying to decide the cleanest country in Southeast Asia. Sure, I could have done a whole

A fisherman and his daughter on Inle Lake, Burma (Myanmar)
24 Feb 2014

Inle Lake: Floating Through Life in Myanmar

I thought I knew what lakes were all about, after all we do have a lot of them in New Zealand.  That notion was turned upside down when I visited Inle Lake, because not only do they fish, swim and play in the water, they also live on it. There

10 Feb 2014

An Ode to the People I Have Met Travelling

I see quite a lot of these kinds of posts and I planned to do something a little different. I was just going to write a dispassionate list of all the people I have met travelling. I thought it’d be funny but then I realised A.) It would be incredibly

A yellow temple in Innwa, one of the old capitals in Mandalay, Myanmar
22 Jan 2014

Four Old Capitals in Mandalay, Myanmar For the Price of One

I should probably do more research before I reach a destination. I had no idea what there was to see in Mandalay until a motorcycle taxi driver said something about 4 old capital cities, and that he would take me to them for $12, not bad on a backpacker budget!

The golden rock pagoda in Myanmar
17 Dec 2013

Climbing to See the Golden Rock in Myanmar

It was 3 am and I was sitting on an ice-cold bus heading to a town that I didn’t even know the name of. Tired from a day of sightseeing in Yangon, I had just about fallen asleep when the bus stopped. Everyone started filing off. Where was I? Was