Spain and Portugal in winter: sunset in Lisbon
11 Jan 2016

Why You Should Visit Spain and Portugal in Winter

Warm (ish) sunny days, thin crowds and low prices…why wouldn’t you want to see Spain and Portugal in winter!? Here’s a quick guide on what to expect in the winter months, and also a rundown of the places we visited during our two week trip (this post is based on Portugal

Crazy castles and palaces: A day trip to Sintra, Portugal
26 Jun 2015

Crazy Castles and Palaces: A Day Trip to Sintra, Portugal

I hadn’t even heard of Sintra before I planned our brief trip to Portugal but it turned out to be one of my favourite little towns in Europe. Why is that, I hear you asking? Well, it has an eccentric palace/garden complex, the ridiculously colourful Pena Palace and the great wall of

Glória funicular, which takes you up to Bairro Alto, one of the 7 hills in Lisbon
01 Feb 2015

The Hills in Lisbon Have Eyes!

Have you seen that movie “The Hills Have Eyes” ? It’s about a group of inbred man-monsters terrorising an American family, and sorry to spoil it for you, but it doesn’t end up well for almost everyone involved. While I didn’t see any inbred “things” in Lisbon, I did see