2 days in Córdoba, Spain
07 Apr 2016

2 Days in Córdoba, Spain: Architecture through the Ages

Muslims, Jews and Christians once lived together peacefully in a city described by a famous Saxon poet as “The Ornament of the World”. That city was Córdoba, one of the grandest cities in Muslim Spain (Al-Andalus). Architectural gems from this enlightened period remain, as well as more recent Spanish buildings and even a relic from

Spain and Portugal in winter: sunset in Lisbon
11 Jan 2016

Why You Should Visit Spain and Portugal in Winter

Warm (ish) sunny days, thin crowds and low prices…why wouldn’t you want to see Spain and Portugal in winter!? Here’s a quick guide on what to expect in the winter months, and also a rundown of the places we visited during our two week trip (this post is based on Portugal

Granada, Spain
27 Dec 2015

Granada, Spain: One of the Coolest Little Cities in Europe

Everyone seems to rave about Barcelona these days, but there’s another city nearby that is far more interesting. Ruled by Muslims until the late 1400s, Granada is a city full of history, style and natural beauty. There are some great small cities in Europe that sometimes get overshadowed by the

The scenic short walk between Baes de Granada and Granada, Spain
25 Mar 2015

Beas de Granada to Granada: A Scenic Half Day Walk in Spain

“Where are the signs!?” we asked each other as we wandered around the ghost town of Beas de Granada. We had just arrived on the bus from Granada and hoped to walk the 16 km back into town, but we had no idea where to go – the GPS on our