How to annoy me on a bus, plane of train
14 Jun 2014

6 Ways to Annoy Me on a Bus, Train or Plane

Little things often annoy me, but take those little things and put them in the confines of a bus, train or plane and they morph into something else entirely. Here are some of the ways people have annoyed me on long journeys in the past – and just like Superman,

A great view of the vastness of the Stone Forest in Yunnan, China
26 May 2014

The Amazing Stone Forest in Yunnan, China

Nothing is easy in China. A quick internet search told me the Stone Forest, or Shilin, was 100km away from Kunming, where I’d arrived the day before to start my month in China. So, off I went to see this mystical karst landscape. 3 buses and 4 hours later I finally