movies set in China - the Painted Veil
07 Sep 2015

Movies Set in China: The Reel Guide

Whether you’re planning a trip to China or maybe on the fence about whether you should go there or not, seeing this colourful, historic and incredibly scenic country on screen is bound to inspire you. You’ll see amazing scenery and gravity defying martial arts, but thankfully with this list the language

Yubeng is a great place to visit if you are backpacking in Yunnan, China
30 Jun 2014

Backpacking in Yunnan, China: Costs, Tips and Places to See

Choosing a destination to travel to in China can be daunting. There is so much to see and do, but rather than try and cram too many places into a short trip it’s better to focus on one area. I chose Yunnan (followed by a week relaxing in Yangshuo) and it was

The 20 Yuan note which features the scenery around Yangshuo
20 Jun 2014

Yangshuo Me the Money!!!

After 3 weeks travelling in Yunnan I was ready for a bit more comfort. I’d slept in more dorms than ever before and had to put up with cold showers, toilets without doors and thousands of Englishly challenged Chinese people. I found what I was looking for in Yangshuo –

Upper Yubeng Village in Yunnan, China
09 Jun 2014

Yubeng, China: More of a Paradise than Shangri-La!

There’s a tiny Tibetan village in Northern Yunnan that might just be the most stunning place in Asia. Snow covered peaks surround lush green valleys filled with birds, butterflies, flowers and prayer flags. This village isn’t Shangri-La, instead that name (in 2001) went to a dusty, traffic filled Chinese city surrounded

The Tiger Leaping Gorge trek in Yunnan, China
07 Jun 2014

Tiger Leaping Gorge: The Trek of the Titans

It’s hard to appreciate an amazing view when you’re gasping for air. The 28 bends is the most notorious section of the Tiger Leaping Gorge trek, one of China’s top multi-day hikes. I thought I’d struggled around at least 15 bends when I saw a depressing red 1 painted on a rock

A Photo from the reflection pool of The Three Pagodas in Dali Old Town, Yunnan, China
28 May 2014

Dali Old Town: A Backpacker Paradise in China

From outside my window I could hear a covers band murdering an Arctic Monkeys song, I could see 4 western style restaurants, and every conversation I had with the staff at my guesthouse was fully understood in perfect English. Is Dali Old Town still in China, or had I travelled

A great view of the vastness of the Stone Forest in Yunnan, China
26 May 2014

The Amazing Stone Forest in Yunnan, China

Nothing is easy in China. A quick internet search told me the Stone Forest, or Shilin, was 100km away from Kunming, where I’d arrived the day before to start my month in China. So, off I went to see this mystical karst landscape. 3 buses and 4 hours later I finally