Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, a must see during 2 days in Singapore
28 Sep 2014

2 Days in Singapore: The Best of Both Worlds

Having spent over 2 years in Singapore I finally feel like I’m qualified to give some advice on how you should spend your time there. When people ask me for advice on Singapore they usually only have a couple of days to kill between flights, so I’ve created a “2

Central Otago in Autumn
28 Aug 2014

Photographing Central Otago in Autumn

You’d think the best time to visit New Zealand (and Central Otago specifically) would be the middle of summer, but if you’re travelling in December and January you’ll most likely get some pretty awful weather.  You’ll also have to deal with a lot of holidaying locals so if you’re thinking

The 20 Yuan note which features the scenery around Yangshuo
20 Jun 2014

Yangshuo Me the Money!!!

After 3 weeks travelling in Yunnan I was ready for a bit more comfort. I’d slept in more dorms than ever before and had to put up with cold showers, toilets without doors and thousands of Englishly challenged Chinese people. I found what I was looking for in Yangshuo –