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A Trip to Virgin Beach, Bali

A Trip to Virgin Beach, Bali

If you’re looking for an alternative to the rough around the edges surf beaches of Bali’s west coast, a trip to the east is on the cards. My trip to Virgin Beach was part of a day trip to East Bali — the perfect spot to grab some lunch and relax at one of the island’s best beaches.

Getting to Virgin Beach 

If you’re staying in Padangbai, Candi Dasa or Amed, Virgin Beach isn’t too much of a mission to get to. If you’re thinking of visiting from the Kuta / Seminyak area it’s a long way (two hours or more).  The roads are easy to get around though, and you’ll definitely want to visit Virgin Beach if you’re planning a trip to the east.

Virgin Beach 

My driver parked up at the northern end of Virgin Beach. It’s a short walk from the parking area, with a beautiful view opening up towards the end of the path.

Once on the sand you’ll see heaps of warungs with sunbeds and chairs on the beach.  I settled on one of the first places (so hungry) and was offered a free sunbed if I ordered something. An overpriced (but pretty decent) plate of fried rice hit the spot. 

It was a lovely place to sit for an hour or so — so much more scenic than most other beaches I’ve been to in Bali. In fact, after recently visiting most areas of Bali I’m going to declare this is the best beach on the island — certainly my favourite anyway!

An Uphill Walk

I’d seen some great photos of Virgin Beach from above and figured there was a hiking trail at the southern end. It wasn’t a trail, rather another road leading to the beach. I walked up in the hot afternoon sun until I saw a car pull over and some tourists get out.  Sure enough, that was the viewpoint. If you’re not keen for a walk (it was only around 10 minutes) you can make sure to take that road and stop on the way to the beach.

I had a good look around up there, walking all the way down to what I thought would be another view. There probably was, but it was a hotel I think.  On the way back up I looked to the left and found another nice viewpoint looking over another bit of a coastline to the south. Definitely worth the walk!

Nearby Beaches 

Padangbai is around 45 minutes from Virgin Beach, and it’s home to some similar spots. I walked around to see what the beaches in Padangbai were like on my last trip (2018) and was really impressed.  Most people see Padangbai only as a port for trips to the Gili Islands, but I reckon it’s a good place to stay for a night or two either side of your trip. 

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