27 Mar 2017

Two Days in Delhi: Into the Belly of the Beast

They say if you can survive in the mean streets of Old Delhi you can survive anywhere. The heat, pollution, poverty and constant noise put many people off, but the incredible historic sights make it a city not to be missed. I spent two days in Delhi during my trip

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21 Mar 2017

A Guide to Travelling in Ha Giang Province, Northern Vietnam

Most people who travel to northwest Vietnam opt for the comforts and commercialisation of Sapa, while the much better looking Ha Giang Province gets almost entirely overlooked. I guess some people like mountain towns like they like their women: easy and not that attractive. Not me though. I preferred Ha Giang

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A day trip to Macau: St Lawrence's Church
13 Mar 2017

A Day Trip to Macau from Hong Kong: Exploring the Historic Streets

After spending the previous eight months in Latin America, where things usually run at a sedate pace, we were suddenly beamed back to the bustle of Asia. I’d almost forgotten about those massive tour buses full of people that consume places. They were out in full force at Senado Square and St Paul’s Cathedral, but

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06 Mar 2017

Hiking Near El Chalten, Patagonia: Getting up Close to Mount Fitz Roy

After a difficult four days of trekking in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, we crossed the border to Argentina to do some easier day walks in Los Glaciares National Park. The star of the show is without doubt Mount Fitz Roy, a series of sharp peaks covered in snow

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27 Feb 2017

Gwalior Fort: The Perfect Day Trip from Agra, India

In travel, as in life, not all things are created equal. We took two separate day trips from Agra and they couldn’t have been more different. The first, to Fatehpur Sikri, was a major letdown. The popular old Mughal city was disappointing in every sense, but the trip to Gwalior

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Long Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand -- a stunning sunset
22 Feb 2017

Long Beach, Koh Lanta: The Ultimate Lazy Beach Destination in Thailand

Sometimes we need to be lazy. Obviously not so lazy that we swell to 500 kgs and have to be lifted out of our house with a crane, but a rest every now and then is a good thing. While travelling around Thailand you’ll probably want to stop somewhere for a

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Two days in Oaxaca, Mexico
14 Feb 2017

Two Days in Oaxaca, Mexico: Colonial History and Ancient Ruins

Mexico is full of colourful colonial towns and mysterious ancient ruins, and if you’re spending 2 days in Oaxaca you’ll get to see great examples of both. The city’s colonial core boasts bustling markets, imposing churches and a sprawling convent, while Monte Alban, the Zapotec ruins above town, offers a

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A day in Sydney, Australia
09 Feb 2017

A Day in Sydney: What to See During a 12 Hour Stopover

Venture into the city or hang around the airport eating expensive junk food…? That’s always a tough decision to make. On a recent 12 hour stopover in Sydney I decided to make the most of a sunny spring day and explore central Sydney. Thinking of doing the same but don’t

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