Some travel bloggers aim to inspire. Their travel blogs are full of earnest articles about “finding yourself” on the road and posts about how travel will make you more fun, adventurous and sexy. Basically, the easiest way to be better than everyone else is to travel (and then blog about it).

You won’t find any of that in this small corner of the internet. I’ve never taken myself, or my travels, too seriously. I’d rather write sarcastic, satirical posts about travel rather than go on and on how about how awesome it supposedly made me.

Travel tips

The same old travel tips float around the internet in a monotonous cycle. Obvious tips like how to book a flight, plan a trip and save money are popular themes. Here are some of my travel tips. Click on a photo to read the post↓↓


Meet my travel alter ego

I created a smug, tourist hating alter ego who sometimes writes posts for me. Click on a photo to read the post↓↓


Fictional travel stories

I wanted to write posts about Paros and Athens (both in Greece) but struggled to come up with good angles. These are the posts I ended up with. Click on a photo to read the post↓↓


What Has Travel Taught Me…?

Movies, TV, Music

If I wasn’t blogging about travel I’d be blogging about movies. Sometimes I do both. You’ll also find some travel playlists to set the scene for a road trip (assuming you share my taste in music). Click on a photo to read the post↓↓



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Jon Algie

A travel blogger from New Zealand who hates talking about himself in the third person and has no imagination when it comes to naming websites.